Michael Emmet Green

Michael Emmet Green


Kinda hard for me to say, maybe singer/songwriter rock/oldies/country. I really like to write songs more than anything else.


Just write what I feel, situations I've been in or around. Moods, mistakes, ideas from others. I look for a good beat to go with the lyrics usually, but sometimes it works just the other way around. I like to listen to John Fogerty, Buddy Holly, Merle Hagard, John Cash, the Stones, Eric Clapton.
Started and stopped playing more times than I would like to admit. I'm kinda layin low in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas for now. Tryin to write and put together a new CD. No release date as of yet. But anyone can go to www.myspace.com/michaelemmetgreen and preview a few of my new songs.


Will try to upload current recordings as I complete them.

Set List

Not perfoming at this time.