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Ok, here's the deal. I was on a music scholarship and gave it up to go into business. I now feel compelled to get back to music, so I'm dusting off some old songs and writing new ones. I like to call it "feel good music" my music falls into Adult Contemporary / Inspirational / Christian music.


My band's name is Nine Foot Angel. See myspace.com/ninefootangel (currently under construction)


I'm Lonely Tonight

Written By: Michael Emmett

I’m Lonely Tonight

Seems like just yesterday
I thought I was just happy
Memories they fade away
Like the love you felt for me

I know that in hurt there’s healing
And lessons learned along the way
That doesn’t, that doesn’t make it easy
And it doesn’t make it easy to forget

I’m lonely tonight
So lonely tonight
There’s no one here
Without you here
I’m lonely tonight

Now that some years have gone by
Time and tears have washed some pain away
I know, I am better now
And maybe so are you somehow

Even still, it doesn’t make it easy
Life, no doubt, is better now
I have everything I want
But nothing that I need

Hear Me

Written By: Michael Emmett

Hear Me
Unworthy, Unworthy
Do I deserve all of You
I’m broken, torn apart
I’m falling on my knees
Unfading, Unwavering
God, Your love is True
Steadfastly, unconditionally
You’re my serenity

Hear me, hear me
Lord, hear me now
Lift me up and fix me up
Fill my cup
Hear me

Glorious Your holiness
You never turn away
Unbreak me, take me
Lead me to tranquility
Peacefully and lovingly
You hear my every prayer
New hope, new start
Lord, please hear my prayer

And even when I fall a bit
You’re right there, to help me through it

All I Have 2 B

Written By: Michael Emmett

All I Have To Be

I close my eyes to feel my thoughts
Open them up, and stare out the window
I feel the need and the taste of desire
To find a match, but put a spark to the fire

I pray and cry
Just to be able to try

All I have to be is what you want me to be
All I dream about is what you put in my heart
Each day I take a step towards the way you want me to be
Breath and breath my life begins to fill the part
All I have to be is what you want me to be

My fantasies what to flow into reality
My eyes are the lamp trying to light the right way
Dreams are so small when you carry me
Can the night shed light to let me see

I hide no disguise
Lord let me realize

(c) Michael Emmett


We just cut our first demo....stay tuned for more to come!!

Set List

About 10 songs including covers and originals.