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To a New Beginning - Debut Album


Feeling a bit camera shy


The only musical gene coming from a grandfather with various, yet unexposed, abilities in music like playing piano, guitar, drums, trumpet, bass, and a vocalist; came along a grandson eager to pursue music. As many thought, picking up a guitar would be another one of his non-lasting leisure objects, Michael roamed his high school days skateboarding and playing guitar along the streets of south beach. Eventually led to singing, (out of the shower anyways). It became an obsession in which he spent excessive but exciting amount of hours playing that also dragged him into playing various instruments like piano, bass, and drums.

Entering his first semester in music business school in college, this ‘beach boy’ was assigned a recording project in a sound engineering class. He thought, “why not write a song of my own?”, as this spontaneous decision opened up ‘a new path’ the name of his debut album was then proclaimed, To a New Beginning, a memory-based album containing bits of experiences and emotions of love, pain, anger, happiness, and belief. “This is my first album, so this is where I wanted to seal the essential events of the past 5 years of my life in and just let it out of me”, says Fajardo, “Although this lockbox took me a while to make it, it has been a exciting experience!”

The new beginning started with “Goodbye” which was the first song he wrote and the first time in a professional studio. “There’s a big difference between being a musician and being a studio musician” says Fajardo, “The song performance was poor and my vocals sounded awful! And being the first time hearing my own voice, it felt even worse than what it really was. But it was still pretty bad.” After a lot of disappointment and thoughts, the amateur singer/songwriter did not give up, and went on with the challenge. He felt he needed more recording time and improvement on vocals. So he bought his own recording studio and took jazz vocal lessons with Professor Lisanne Lyons. “She was the best! I definitely got weird out by the work-outs she made me do but within a month my vocals were coming out great!” - Michael

As he got denied help from school classmates and engineers, Michael decided to keep recording the album on his own and in the comfort of his home studio. His first love song, “Anywhere” which the inspirations came from an ex-girlfriend and as he claims, “She ended up breaking my heart but what I felt at the moment is what matters”, the song has a cheerful melody and a 90’s rock-type guitar sounds that would definitely put you in the beginning of a relationship mood.

With a great story-to-tell, along an upbeat guitar riff and catchy chorus in “She’s Alone” opened up the ears of many people. The song was set as the introduction song in the album. “The song is about a crush I had on a girl in high school, doth I need to say more?” Fajardo affirms. “I actually wrote it while looking at her picture, that’s how lame I am, but it helped me write the song!”

Taking a step further to the variety comes along “Memories”, a song which has the best vocal performance of Michael Fajardo. “This song is about the memories that you have about someone that just by remembering them, upsets you and brings you down”, states Fajardo. It is the slowest song in the album with heart-felt vocals that will make you gasp and feel the lyrics.

This goal oriented singer/songwriter was born in Aug. 8th, 1985 in Miami, FL and finished his debut album in the last week of July 2006 right before his 21st birthday. The debut album took about a year and a few weeks to be accomplished and currently Michael Fajardo and his friendly helpers will be shopping around and finding band members to play gigs with. Wish us luck!