Michael Fitch

Michael Fitch


music pulling the heartstrings ranging from quiet folk to post-prog rock to classic soul, melody w/ crescendo. There is a heavy emphasis placed upon lyrical content, arrangement and delivery.


Michael Fitch was raised in southern Virgina. he spent the summers of his formative years chasing lightning bugs through open fields and watching horseflies suspended in air above creek water. winters were for chocolate and newspapers, books and board games. with an affinity for fantasy and renaissance art, he once built a miniature paper mache viking ship (which garnered the attention of the local media by earning him a school ribbon...and a mention in the rear pages of the town's weekly newspaper). attempts to sail the ship stalled quickly.


alley lightposts

Written By: m fitch/k hubbard


by the windowsill, the alley lightposts lie
to greet the stars, cracks in stone, concrete--- wet and bright
like a lullabye, we could sleep tonight under sheets, starched; white
so tightly
two bodies pressed to one
two scars
i know, i know you'll tell me so
but, it's so hard to say "no"

a breath apart, we'll share the silent dark
(as lovers do)
this unraveling is reticent, but travelling through and under a veil of truth
if you feel it too---give claws, give proof or some sign
and i'll meet you where the alley lightposts lie

Here Nor There

Written By: m fitch/k hubbard


you disturb the silence
i am only waking up
seconds pass and then,
you come in to buzz against my eardrums
careful w/ the racket
words you sling
worth you'll claim

i dreamt that she had sought me
eyes kept shut despite the truth in knowing her
still i lay against you, though i am neither here nor there---
i know i miss her
so, it's best i leave
i should go
and practice what i'll say:
"come home. i've had trouble letting go. i know that you're a
different girl now...and that makes no difference to me."

The Restoration

Written By: m fitch

i'll get out from my darkest...for those hazel eyes
the Great Divide
where you choose the perfect dress to wear
and pull ribbons from your hair
i'll wait for you if you want me to

you were my protector---the warmest, safety grin
the clouds would surround (detected)
then solace; delicate
and i won't forget how you unfurl your wings and
invite me to rest against the heaving of your chest
like a white-tipped crest of an ocean swell, cascading, then
leveling out
and i'm an emotional mess when i can't see this girl
my signal's distressed---i'll send a flare w/ alarm
i'm desperate to be disarmed by love
bring it back for us
bring it back for us to take care of
bring it back
good love should be restored


"Yes, to the Boastfully Bright", the EP, has finally been pressed. It has been released under the Royal Rhino Flying Records label.

Set List

a typical set, generally, consists of twelve to fifteen songs and runs an hour and a half...although, adjustments are made depending on the show.
the songs are a blend between Michael Fitch originals and a few "covers".