Michael Frazier

Michael Frazier


True to life singer songwriter. Lyrical focus on daily life isues of love, politics, peace, war, the environment and situations we all pass through. In addition to solid vocals Michael plays acoustic and electric guitars, flute, harmonica, keyboards, bass and drums.


Most recently I have taken to solo work. I have been writing songs and performing for over 30 years both as a singer songwriter and as a band member in several configurations. Folk to rock style featuring acoustic guitar and vocal and a good story line that people can relate to. Influenced by early 70's musicians such as Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn. Check out more of my work if you are so inclined at http://michaelfrazier.net


Hey Mr. Salesman

Written By: Michael Frazier


Hey Mr Salesman stop calling me on the phone
I know when you're calling and I'll never be at home
You never leave a message so just leave me alone

If I really wanted what you have to sell
I'd already own it and I wouldn't need your call
You're on my no call list but you dial most everyday
Hey Mr Salesman, please just go away

Hey Mr Salesman stop stuffing my mailbox
With junk that I don't want or need to buy at twice the cost
We need a new recycling plant for all your junk I gotta toss

I've tried to send it all right back to you
In your envelopes already postage paid
I was hoping someday you might get a clue
Stop sending all your junk mail my way
Mr Salesman, please just go away

Hey Mr Salesman get off of my TV
Stop pushing pharmaceuticals psychologically
You'll never win me over with your marketing strategy

If I really wanted all of those side effects
I'd just play with mercury and lead
All the advertisements for your drugs well they all say
Eventually I'll wind up dead

Hey Mr Salesman stop spamming my email
With offers of some millions from some neice whose dad's in jail
Stop sending links to porn sites I plead to no avail

I've worn out my delete key in six months
From all the junk you kept on sending me
Now I've got my email filters set so high
I can't get messages from my family

Hey Mr Salesman stop being such a bore
I'll tune you out and turn you off, quite frankly I'll ignore
All your advertising doesn't phase me anymore
Hey Mr Salesman I don't know what you're living for
Hey Mr Salesman I don't need you anymore
I'll chew you up and spit you out and I'll throw you out the door

Written by Michael Frazier © October 24, 2007

Free and Flying

Written By: Michael Frazier


Can't afford to kill the time
Ain't got money to burn
Let that fire turn to ashes
There's so much left to learn

Use your best perspective
Keep trying to expand
There's so many questions
So much to understand

I want to be free and flying once again
I want to be free and flying once again

Take some cash. Tuck it away
Save it up for a rainy day
Start imagining your future
Don't give away a day

It's your life for the making
All your time is on loan
It's your world for the taking
In case you didn't know

I want to be free and flying once again
I want to be free and flying once again

© - Michael Frazier, January 26, 2001

Into The Fire

Written By: Michael Frazier


Got me baking in an oven of gold
crank another one out of your mold
you want to possess my hearts desire
I want out of the pan and into the fire
into the fire

Mixing ingredients nothing to lose
shaping things the way that you choose
Hiding the truth to make me a liar
I want out of the pan and into the fire
into the fire

I can see right through your petty games
don't know why you bother, I'm not playing
Anyway, in the end, it is all the same
All the same

The steady unwavering part of the flame
cleans the soul of all the games
carries only the purest desires
I want out of the pan and into the fire
into the fire

I'm confident I can take the heat
you do what you will I can't be beat
I will never sacrifice what I feel inside
I'm want out of the pan into the fire
into the fire

© Michael Frazier - July 2, 1996

Live Wire

Written By: Michael Frazier


Lonely perch on a live wire
baby I've got my eyes on you
There's a feeling inside of my
and I know my love is getting through
Anyway you cut it babe
I've got my eyes on you

Full moon on a summer night
Got my emotions running wild
The way that you hold me baby
Makes me feel just like a child
I've had my eyes on you
since the first time that you smiled

There's all this magic in our universe
How does it take to sink into us
Everything I ever could desire
is hanging from a live wire

Sitting here on this live wire
baby I know your eyes are on me too
I can tell you'‘ve got the feeling
This love is something true
Anyway you cut it babe
I got my eyes on you

©Michael Frazier, August 25, 1999

Pass it On

Written By: Michael Frazier


You brought my lunch the other day
At the neighborhood cafe
You wouldn't let me when I tried to pay, Pass it on

Always there with a smile
Shaking hands it's been awhile
Good to see your spirits' high, Pass it on

I've got this attitude that life is just an interlude
Between what came before and what comes next
We might as well enjoy these moment passing by
Sun is setting slowly in the west, Pass it on

Vibrations everywhere
Grab some good ones get your share
Save some for your lady fair, Pass it on

Got something good to say
Don't you let it get away,
That's the mark you make today, Pass it on

Pass it on, oh yeah,
when you got something good going on
Find somebody that you care about
and pass it on
You know we're all connected
somewhere behind the scenes'
and since you can't take it with you,
I think you've got a responsibility,
to pass it on
Share what you've got
with the people around you, oh yeah
All you gotta do, is pass it on

© - Michael Frazier, February 11, 2000


Written By: Michael Frazier


This world is full of spirits wandering through space
You could meet one anytime, in any place
Might be like deja vu, think you recognize the face
It's all because you're living out your life
as part of the human race

You might think they're ancient, but they could be brand new
and they're only here to tell you what you already knew
Holding out the promise to bring to life your dreams
because they know there's so much more to human beings

Flesh and bones with a spirit
Energy that's moving on and on
There's more to life than what you think & see & touch & feel
The spirit deep inside is never gone

We take it so for granted everyday that we awake
Still inside our hearts a distant calling we can't shake
We can try to deny but we're more than time and space
We just can't see the great beyond as part of the human race

Written by Michael Frazier, © August 24, 2003

Great Day

Written By: Michael Frazier


Woke up in the morning on a glorious day
My how the sun did shine
Sat myself down in the old back yard
just to clear my mind

Took a little walk through the neighborhood
To see what I could see
Heaven opened up so wide
and showed herself to me
She showed herself to me

It's a great day to be alive

Birds and the bees and the flowers and trees
are singing and dancing along
blowing me away in the western breeze
Life's current oh so strong

It's the simple things that mean the most to me
and I'm feeling oh so fine
Giving this day to the universe
Taking my own sweet time

© Michael Frazier

Red Light

Written By: Michael Frazier


Here I am again
Staring at the red light listening to the din
The engines and the stereos rumble next to me
Screaming like the soul of the city streets

Here I go my friend
Across the town to work and back again
And stopping at the red light every block or two
Just trying to make my way back home to you

I see the hollow faces
miss the beauty of the dawn
So many people wondering
where their lives have gone
Staring at the red light

Here I am again
Scribbling thoughts
until the summer sunlight ends
and moving toward the moment
when I will finally see
the world that I've created in me
Staring at the red light

© Michael Frazier

June Moon

Written By: Michael Frazier


I'm staring out in space again
the patterns in the clouds just soothe my mind
The full moon brings it all to life
as it peers out from behind
I see so many faces on it's surface
from down here on the ground
and I'm hoping that the love I lost
is somewhere out there to be found

Summertime, midnight sky
seems to play a restless tune
while the world keeps on dancing
inside it's own cocoon
bathed in the light of June Moon

A symphony of traffic
cricket legs and breezes in the trees
there's magic in this moment
and I celebrate the peace
and all the daily folderol just melts away
like ice cream in the heat
and the challenges before me
feel like solid ground beneath my feet

A tiny bit of the great big hole inside of me
has been filled by your light
and I will hold the memory of the time we shared
on this summer night
June Moon

Written by Michael Frazier

Gotta Lotta Love

Written By: Michael Frazier


Gotta lotta love - If you will be mine
Gotta lotta love - If you can find you've got the time
Gotta lotta love - It's what I'm made of
Baby gotta lotta love

Gotta lotta love - If you will be true
Gotta lotta love - I just want to share with you
Gotta lotta love - It's what I'm made of
Baby gotta lotta love

Gotta lotta love - It just can't be wrong
Gotta lotta love - I just want to pass it on
Gotta lotta love - It's what I'm made of
Baby gotta lotta love

Written by Michael Frazier


I have produced over 20 recordings, some solo, some with band members. To see a complete discography and view past and current events please visit http://michaelfrazier.net

Set List

The set list is always 100% Original songs and varies with the venue / audience. I've been known to do many a 2 hour set without stopping. I try to gear the setlist to the setting and the audience.