Michael Froh

Michael Froh

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If Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk, Radiohead, and MGMT created a one man band with the power to create dance parties with only a laptop, keys, guitar and voice, his name would be Michael Froh, fusing Electronica, Experimental, Psychedelic, Pop and Hip hop to make sweet love to your ears.


Over the past 6 years Michael Froh has travelled across the nation of Canada over 20 times in either a Van, Bus, Car or plane to bring joy to the ears of the loving children and adults of this cold nation. Starting out of high school he played nation wide, released a full length, which in turn went to number 1 on smartpunk rewarding them with playing all Canadian dates of warped tour 2004, singing in the now defunt "Away From Here." After this project dissolved he began to make music under the name Dear Solace, as a one man band. Over the past 4 years he has toured nationally 3 times as a solo artist, sold over 3000 cd's, and had over 300 000 plays on the internet. In 2005 he embarked on a new journey into the land of hardcore and metal, with "The Holly Springs Disaster" who in turn signed to Underground Operations/Universal Records, picked up The Agency Group as booking agents, and toured extensively, selling out venues across Canada, while selling well over 3000 copies of our first EP "Motion Sickness Love." As of 2009 Michael Froh is focusing only on his solo work, and recording and writing a new album with the idea of taking it across Canada to all sorts of venues and festivals alike.


I have released 2 solo cd's.
Everyone in the room knows but you-LP/CD-2005
(over 2000 self produced copies sold worldwide)
Motion Sickness Love-EP/CD-2007(with the holly springs disaster, over 3000 copies sold worldwide on Underground Operations)
Cover Cd-EP/CD-2008
(over 1000 self produced copies sold worldwide)
My former band has over a million plays on the internet.
I have over 313 000 plays on the internet @ myspace.com/dearsolace (my former name for my solo work)

Set List

I usually do a 25-50 minute set which includes a mixture of original and cover songs, set to an Electronic dance mood, with breaks of experimentation and dj work, as well as broken down piano and vocal songs to touch the soul. I do a mixture of classic pop, classic rock, and hip hop/dance covers.