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Michael Gambino


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Travelling Fool

Written By: Michael Gambino

Well I guess you're the one
The reason I'm goin'
Some might say "give him the noose"

If I wait for a smile
A desperate while
I'll set myself up just to lose

Well I wanted to leave
With my heart on my sleeve
But it just leaves blood stains in a trail

When I jump on the plane
It's needless to say
'Cause what I feel goes without sayin'

It's all about the melody
Well I write a lot of words
But I didn't really wanna write you a melody
No Melody

Well the memories than I wanna create
Are more than
Tasting your lips in the rain
Well I waited for you
And now you can do
The favour and do me the same

Well I'm wasting my love
Saving it up
A man is a fool to engage
And it's been three years
If I have the fear
I guess I'll just go turn the page

Well I know why
I know why
I thought I knew why
I'll learn why

Do it for yourself
You can leave what you felt
Don't you know?
It can end at anytime
If you were just mine, you were just mine, you were just mine

All the words that you say
Were getting to me
I want reality to remove its disguise

You're becoming a mess and I
Should love you less
It's a strength they say but that could be a lie

If you wait for the love
You will keep it from being

But when I pack my bags at 10 o'clock I'll be on track

I'll tell you someday
What some used to say
"You was crazy to get on plane"
Well they never said much
I think it was just me
I hope the crazier me is more sane

Well I've waited for love
Waited enough
I guess now Ill just ride the waves
And o tell you the truth
I'm going just for you
It's the craziest thing that I'll do

It's all about the melody
Well I write a lot of words
But I didn't really wanna have to write you a melody
No Melody.