Michael Garcia

Michael Garcia


My music I would consider it to be indie / sad core. The main instrument used to perform? One Ibanez acoustic guitar and a RMS acoustic amp.


Michael Garcia, well I am a solo artist who is not really new to the music scene. I have been the front man for several bands through my musical journey.
Madsun, Neuromed, Silo, A Different Element, & Sun Drug. All of this would add up to about 13 yrs. of experience.
I have in many ways found some success regardless of what the label status indicates.
I am still very unknown to the world but yet I exist on this tiny little website.


I currently have my single dead birds streaming on YouTube and on my official web site. http://www.facebook.com/micgarcia32

Set List

1. dead birds
2. funeral talk
3. magnet
4. the cure
5. medicine wheel
6. long hair girl
7. a winters blues
8. words of the night
9. Indian daze
10.Folsom prison blues (Johnny Cash)