Michael Garrett

Michael Garrett


Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages. Witness one of the best up and coming guitarist to come out in over 20 years! comparied to the likes of Joe Satraini and Michael Schenker sure to please all guitar lover's everywhere!


Michael Garrett was born in Hollywood California on the 4th of July 1967. Raised and bred an Italian boy in the city of Angels Michael was exposed to the music/entertainment business at a very early age. Influences such as The Beatles, The Scorpions, Michael Schenker, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhodes, Sabbath and SRV were among some of Michael's favorite influential artist's.

At the age of 10 Michael was playing the Piano, Accordion and Trumpet. He played the Trumpet for his Junior High School band where he got his first taste of performing music live. After 3 years of performing music as a Trumpet player, Michael decided to leave the Trumpet behind and join the school's jazz band as a Guitarist. Finally finding himself with his Guitar at the age of 12, Michael formed his first group and started to play backyard parties and the local club circuit in Los Angeles Ca. Most of Michael's shows where performed at " no age limit clubs" and when he could get a gig at an 18 and over club, he would play the show and then would have to leave due to the club's restriction's to his age.

In the late 80's Mike spent must of his time recording, writing music or performing local shows.Performing clubs, and outside venues in California were actually becoming a stomping ground for Mike up until the mid 90's. It wasn't until then Mike took his talents outside his home state. Playing shows across the United States, Canada and Mexico were some of the most exciting events Mike has ever experienced and will never forget. Playing to crowd's of over 7,000 people as opposed to a bar or a circuit club in Hollywwod, Mike soon discovered that this magnitude of performance was an extremely different environment .Mike was more than eager to except this new challenge and continued to evolve his dreams performing hundreds of shows in the US ...... and so he did for the next 6 years.

By the mid to late 90's Mike started venturing into writing music for Television commercial, Internet Radio shows and Professional Wrestler entrance themes. Mike also found enjoyment in teaching the guitar and bass guitar in his spear time .In 1997 Mike put together a small demo with some music that he had written as a solo artist and was able to land a development deal with a Indie record label. With this deal Mike was able to create Jibberjaw Records (which is Mikes own recording label).

Determined to continue he's musical endeavors into the millennium, Mike becomes a solo artist/composer designing musical texture for audio/video entertainment(as described in the information section above).Also staying true to his dream, releases 2 independent CD's Rebirth (2002)and Watchful Eye(2006).

Last Year (2006), Mike was very excited to have become an official Apprentice Member of the Game Audio Network Guild which is an establishment designed to educate composer, content providers and listeners throughout the world. It is hear he hopes to continue to create his music and to develop relationships with Video game composer and developers.Ultimately, accomplishing a placement of his music in a major console game, such as XBOX, PLAY STATION, and/or GAME CUBE is the priority goal of achievement.


Costa Azul

Written By: Michael Garrett

None Instrumnetal track


Rebirth 2002
Watchful Eye 2006

Set List

1. Watchful Eye
2. Scream
3. False Profit
4. Impostor
5. Plead Of Insanity
6. Losin You Mind
7. Tweeken Bastard
8. Dem Bones
9. War Pigs
10.Book Of Life
11.Brother Justin
12.11Th Hour
13. Im Alive