Michael Gibbons

Michael Gibbons

 New York City, New York, USA

The sounds of burning guitars, coupled with thoughtful and soulful lyrics, create memorable and catchy songs ... surrounded in rich and warm tones with crisp melodies and direction, brings the listener to an automatic hopeful high.


1987 – 1992 Profile Records recording artist ( LEEWAY ). Two major label recordings released worldwide (1988, 1991). Completed numerous live performances including 3 continental tours of the United States, Canada and Mexico (1988 through 1991).
One world premiere video broadcast / release (MTV: Headbanger’s Ball, June, 1991), appearing in regular rotation.
Two major European tours encompassing continental Europe (mainland) and British Isles (1991, 2006). Nearly all live appearances performed in renowned venues throughout the United States and Europe.

Released 5 independent professional recordings from 1992 through the present and have completed numerous live performances in support of said musical works.

Been doing Speed Metal / Metal / Cutting edge rock music for over 20 years now. My main influences are the artists RUSH, BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, BOSTON, MEGADETH, etc ...Randy Rhoads, Edward Van Halen ...


Sunsets in Kings

Written By: Michael Gibbons

You can see the icicles hanging from the Broadway el on a winter's day
You can see the projects cast their long dark shadows on the ground before the sky goes gray
As another day comes close to an end, a beat COP swinging his club strolls by
You can see the sun fade slowly as it nestles down into a Brooklyn sky

As you make your way down Pennsylvania Avenue, going past Atlantic Avenue
It's the same 3 folks holdin' up their signs sayin' " Please give, God bless and we thank you "
Sometimes they even say " Willing to work for food " probably for a hungry family
And maybe move into a used refrigerator box down on Pitkin avenue around sometime this week

As I look to my rear view, I can see the J rumbling by above Fulton Street
Looking far through my windshield, I can see all the working class people shuffle through the streets
…and although sometimes you'll see " Don't cross Police Line " caused by the element creating the strife
Looking up to my mirror most are shaking their heads while they hope and dream someday for a better life

Going under the Livonia Avenue el, on my way towards New Lots Avenue
I can see all the kids from Roberto Clemente runnin' up toward Thomas Jefferson school
As the sun turns the sky to a bright red orange from Linden Boulevard down to the creek
You can see all the milk trailers turn onto Stanley Avenue, as Postal trucks move through the streets

From the open roads at Fountain Avenue, up Cresent Street, going past Liberty Avenue
From the sound of the L train rumbling by Bushwick Avenue as the buses rattle down Decatur street
From the grocers calling and the hawkers hawking as the people walk on briskly by
You can see the sun fade slowly as it nestles down into a Brooklyn sky

The Traveler

Written By: Michael Gibbons

My story goes like this, and I just thought you'd like to know
I spent my time for countless years wondering where to go
The boy's face burned onto my brain has given me the drive
To walk the earth in search of him as I struggle to survive

I've seen the sun rise onto every land and set onto every sea
Time ticks away the seconds and turns into a lifetime for me

My hair grows long, my skin is weathered from the cold and heat
In my pocket there's a picture of the man I used to be
My voice is my companion, it's my sanity and guide
I walk alone through this world and feel like the only man alive

Every night my dream flickers out with the fire's light
Every morning it comes to life with the sunrise
I collect my things and pack my bags, to get on the go
The traveler's what they call me … I just thought you'd like to know


Leeway / Born to Expire 1988 (Profile Records)
Leeway / Desperate Measures 1991 (Profile)
SP111 1993
SP111 1995
SP111 / Burn 1997
Earl Sheib / 1997
Michael Gibbons / Believe 2007

Set List

My songs on the average are around 4 to 5 mins. long.