Michael Glenn

Michael Glenn

 North Richland Hills, Texas, USA

Michael Glenn draws a fun crowd with his soulful voice and astounding songwriting. His songs capture hearts with ease and make smiling not an option, it just happens.


Michael fell in love with music as soon as he was able to talk. Growing up with two parents who were studio singers and family members who were musicians, it was natural. Michael grew up singing but in the 6th grade he was introduced to the trumpet. He played all through high school and even brings it out at a show here and there. In January of 2009, Michael began to sing and write music at a more serious level. In September of 2009 Michael played his first show at Dunn Bro's Coffee Shop in Keller, TX. After about a year of playing shows in the area, Michael recorded his first record, "Waitin' On Me", and released his single "Time Flies" to iTunes. Now Michael is touring the southern United States, hyping up for his album "Waitin' On Me" to release in January.


Passionate Love

Written By: Michael Glenn

Verse 1
You smile at me
It just makes me quake
And baby can’t you see
That we’re no mistake

So take your time, Take time to realize
That you and I both,
We are meant to be
Your hand inside of mine

How am I supposed to tell you just how I feel
When all I, all I know
Baby, all I know is that this love is real
And we’ve got , we’ve got
We’ve got passionate love

Maybe I’m just crazy
But I think im just crazy for you
And I could just be free fallin’
But, I think I’m just fallin’ for you
For you, yeah

Outro (ad lib)
Passionate love yeah, we’ve got we’ve got love
We’ve got passionate love yeah
We’ve, we’ve got love
Crazy love
Passionate love yeah
We’ve got, we’ve got love


Time Flies- Single. 2010-Available on iTunes!
Waitin' On Me-Album available TBA.