Michael Gorey

Michael Gorey


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Written By: Michael Gorey

Verse 1:
Talk to me please
I'm beggin on my knees
Just give me a sign
please give me some more time
say that you'll understand,
when I hold out my hand
please don't turn away
i'm not asking you to stay

And it's hard
where there's nowhere left to turn
and its hard
when there's nothing left to learn
and its hard
when there is nothing left to say
between you
or me
or anyone

Verse 2:
This is more than I can take
and its causing me to break
You say you're doing fine
we'll I can't get you off my mind
and its hard to be alone
don't think I can't make it on my own
and everything I do
I just can't help but think of you

Repeat Chorus:


Repeat Chorus