Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison


Michael Harrison has created a style all his own - Blues that is a wonderful mix of influence from BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winters - phenomenal guitar work and tones... Michael Harrison Blues


Michael has developed a style all his own... He has many talented guitar players to thank for helping with that: BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray, Muddy Waters, Johnny Lee, Clapton, Johnny Winters and many other great players... Bob Marley's influence helped Michael learn to put his feelings into his vocals.

He met the great Jimi Hendrix in 1968. Hendrix showed him some licks, and as Michael puts it, "I didn't get it for about ten years."

Michael recorded his first album, Easy Money , in 1979, and tried very hard to get it out there - almost impossible as an independent artist back in the day! There are some great musicians on the album, along with unique tunes and arrangements, great sax, keyboards and guitar work. Consequently, Easy Money has been remastered and released again this year, in limited edition.

Michael has traveled the U.S., playing with some great people along the way... Ron Bland, Toy Caldwell (Marshall Tucker Band), Tommy Bolin, John Lee Hooker, Mark Naffler (Butterfield Blues Band), Charlie Musslewhite, Katie Moffat, Jim Ridl, Steve Watts, and many great Blues players during his time in California.

Fans are excited about the release of his new album, Lost in the Blues , a wonderful mix of some favorite blues songs and original songs with a variety of styles and tempo that will have you rockin'!

Read what fans are saying about Michael Harrison on mySpace: www.myspace.com/michaelharrisonblues2.

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Michael has recorded two albums: Lost in the Blues is his latest album, rock and roll guitar blues at its finest. Easy Money, blues with slight jazz undertones, was initially recorded and released as an LP in 1980, and has been digitally remastered and released July, 2006. They are available for online purchase through his website, www.michaelharrisonblues.com, cdbaby.com and Amazon.com (search for Michael Harrison Blues). MP3s from both albums can be purchased from Applie iTunes.

Michael's music is receiving worldwide airplay on blues and jazz shows. A current listing is available on his mySpace account: www.myspace.com/michaelharrisonblues2.

Set List

Currently, Michael is playing songs from the new CD, and a few new tunes he has been working on, ultimately for a new album.

Michael is planning a tour in the spring of 2007.