Michael Hearne/Michael Hearne & South By Southwest

Michael Hearne/Michael Hearne & South By Southwest


Michael has experienced a successful 30 year career as a Triple AAA Americana/Country artist. Member of Nashville Songwriter's Association International/BMI. Triple AAA Americana/Country Swing/Songwriter


How do you say ‘Acoustic Southwestern Americana Musical Guitar Genius’ in just two words? Michael Hearne. That’s how. Since the 1970’s, this native Dallas Texan has strolled down a musical path inspired by the great folk and country singer/ songwriters who typify and have characterized the Americana ‘roots’ scene. Even minus the undeniable influence of the musical giants he has admired and respect to this day, Michael simply had no choice when it came to deciding to Be who he Is.

This prodigious musical talent was blatantly obvious in Hearne as a young kid. With minimal formal training as a child, coupled with hours of music immersion and hardcore practice, his destiny was forever tangled in “wire and wood.” Hearne had his hands on his first real guitar by age 7 and by 12, Michael was a fixture at parties and local homespun events, not realizing that this period was actually dress rehearsal for what would prove to be an ever evolving and rewarding musical career.

Michael continues to leave an indelible mark on his audiences not only with his signature ‘Michael Hearne’ guitar sound, but also with songs and stories that are rich in lyrical prose, imagery and humor.

He is a songwriter’s songwriter, cut from the same cloth that propels an artist on a committed journey to experiencing life as a series of creative events and fulfillments. Even though the musical high road is typically scattered with twists of fate and a few u-turns along the way (all of which make for great lyrics), Michael continues to forge ahead by just keeping on doing what he loves.

Longevity has yielded Hearne a vast fan base that is solid and ever expanding. Any one who has ever grooved to one of Hearne’s impeccable guitar leads or kicked up their heels to one of the many two stepping tunes played by him or with his band - South by Southwest - has also probably been caught singing along at some point in the night, note for note, with that beautifully distinctive voice that can never be mistaken for anyone else.

Hearne’s never met an audience he didn’t like and fans quickly become repeat offenders on the house concert, music festival, and club scene, as both the man and the music are extraordinarily genuine, inspirational, and entertaining.

His newest CD, The High Road to Taos, has received critical acclaim, with some discriminating reviewers declaring it to be his finest work to date. “Michael Hearne's record embodies all that I love about New Mexico. Between his whiskey velvet voice, the evocative songwriting and gorgeous musical production, I found myself profoundly aching for my favorite place in the world.” Eliza Gilkyson “Once in a while there comes a recording I never tire of playing. “My Funny Valentine” by Chat Baker comes to mind. “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones is another. It’s like they were recorded only yesterday even though it might be years since they were first released. In January of 2008, I heard Michael Hearne’s “High Road To Taos” and I knew from the second or third time I played it, and that’s been a lot of plays ago, that this was one of those records I’ll always play and every time I do it will be as fascinating, alluring and inspiring as the first time I played it. It’s a very real classic and it’s my hope it gets the wide audience it so richly deserves.” Keith Sykes

Just after it’s release in December 2007, The High Road to Taos landed a coveted position on the KTAO Top Ten recordings chart for that year. Michael Hearne is now being heard around the world thanks to the World Wide Web, old- fashioned regional and national airwaves and because of the legion of loyal fans who continue to request and support, “Taos’ own….Mr. Michael Hearne.”

"His voice, style and outstanding musicianship blend into one beautiful gem. It’s no wonder that Michael’s work will stand the test of time, as he remains the artist who captures the musical essence of the southwest. Like it’s second nature. That’s because it is." A dedicated and eclectic fan base, which spills across borders and state lines, and represents a smorgasbord of musical tastes, keeps Hearne perfectly aligned with the spotlight.

A consistent winner of the "Best of Taos" awards for performer and singer for the past 10 years plus, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Production - 2001 NM MIC AWARDS, Song of the Year - "Taos Christmas Eve" 2002. Michael Hearne’s song writing credits are impressive, penning songs for Jerry Jeff Walker and Gary P. Nunn (Lesson to be Learned from Love) and his New Mexico anthem, “New Mexico Rain” recorded by his uncle and aunt, Bill and Bonnie Hearne, and country music legend, Johnny Rodriguez. His critically acclaimed cd “Sight and Sound”, 11 songs written about 11 different works of art, won seven awards at The New Mexico Music Awards, making him the biggest winner in their history. This cd includes the song, “The Songwriter” co-written with grammy


One Lane Bridge

Written By: m.smart/m.hearne

I was standing on an island
in the middle of my mind
watching through the windshield
as my diesel engine whined
counting up my lucky stars
Dancing on the edge
Right now in this crazy world
I’m gonna make a pledge
To Be just like old Buddha
Propped up on the deck
Watch this world go spinning by
And never break a sweat

My smile’s just blazin’
Like the sunset
I Can’t wait
Til I get home
Across a one lane bridge
Where No ones
gonna BLIND my side
No ones
gonna BREAK my stride

Once I cross that bridge
I’m good as gone.

Canyons running east and west
Sherriffs up ahead
Saw a flashing detour sign
So I went this way instead
Down a road less traveled
Where few and far between
Wake up in the morning
And (they)realize the scheme
Of Magnificent creation
There amidst all doubt

think I’ll set
the cruise control
and let it all hang out


I’m a shooting star
And I’ve come this far
Just to be back in
this old familiar place

no one over there
really seems to care
if I’m right on time
or if I’m late

riding down a yellow line
that turns and winds and bends
knowing that
this old life’s
never gonna end
I can’t waste the time I’ve got
running from my ZEN
just staying with the moment
is the only way to win (is the way I’m gonna win)

come and ride beside me
who cares about the rest
you can be my confidant
and I can be your guest



Written By: m.smart/m.hearne/s.gibson

Just when I
think I’m gone
Something brings me back
As my train of thought
Slips off the track

Feeling my way through
Crossways and blind
Its what u seek
Not what u find

I don’t mind things
That don’t matter these days
Time I’ve spent I spend on worry
never pays

Now the leaves
Are changing
from green to gold
So I’ll change with them
I’ll be so bold

In vivid color dreams
Nothings what it seems
I’ve turned inside out
and back again
Stuck out on this limb
Dancing with wind

How I long to be evergreen

I’ve been 10 years lost
In Strange scenery
Like an old dust devil
Chasin’ round the tumbleweeds
tried to lay down roots
So I could just stay there
Blew out my candle
Prayed a little prayer


really can’t complain
I’ve enjoyed the ride
Just because I’m running
Doesn’t mean I’m hiding
This wanderlust
Put me off the map
Followed my heart
Til it brought me back


Land of the Living

Written By: m.smart/m.hearne

On my way back
to the land of the living
I was/went looking for pieces of my broken heart
Marched around with the walking wounded
Only to find myself at the very start

i'll find -
my way -
across that frozen river


2000 to present

All Together Now
High Road to Taos
Live At the Old Blinking Light
Sight and Sound
Taos Christmas Eve
Ear to the Ground
Me and My Guitar

Honky Tonk Road
Deep In the West
Listen to the West
South By Southwest

Set List

Ballad of Johnny and Mary
New Mexico Rain
The Girl Just Loves to Dance
Me and My Uncle
Two Miles Out of Tucumcari
New Boots
First Flight
Leavin' Louisiana
The Songwriter
Red Willow Way
Mountain Life
One Lane Bridge
Land of the Living
Something's Gotta Give
Texas New Mexico Line
Lesson to be Learned From Love
Rodeo Song
Cherokee Fiddle
Don't Think Twice
Jaded Lover
Outlaw Love
Memphis in the Meantime

and on and on.....

Michael can play up to 4 hours. 45 minute sets.