Michael Henry

Michael Henry


The live show is full of energy and will stir emotions. Sounds like: David Gray, Coldplay & Morrissey.


Michael Henry Bio

Michael Henry is back in Sydney preparing to release his anticipated second full length album after six months of writing and playing shows in Berlin, Germany. The title track With You, was chosen for the Starving Kids Records Compilation, Have You Heard Volume 3, which is currently available as a free download at www.starvingkids.com.au

Previous releases Evening of the Summertime (EP) and At a Glance (LP) received rotation from BBC Radio1 (UK), FBI (SYD), ABC (NATIONAL AUS), 4ZZZ (BRIS, AUS) and The Pulse (VIC, AUS). In 2004, Evening Of The Summertime was named in the top five releases of the year by Clare Polanski, Tsunami editor and following the release of At A Glance, Michael Henry was in FBi's Top Ten unsigned acts of 2004.

With You, which is set for release in Australia in March, explores a range of different musical styles drawing on influences as diverse as Henry Mancini, Boards of Canada and Ween. While still guitar-based, the music crosses into genres including hip-hop, pop, electronica and TV/film. It is music that touches the heart of its listeners.

"With You is a heady, mysterious mix that's difficult to define, slowly revealing its understated brilliance to the listener". Fly Magazine, London

"You're gonna love this mellow-sounding Sydney-sider". Sarah Graham, Dolly Magazine, Sydney.

Details of achievements
With You chosen for Shatter Records compilation in New York, 2007.
With You chosen for Starving Kids Records Compilation in Australia, 2007.
Released second album With You, 2007. All words and music by Michael Henry.
Released debut album At A Glance, with band Michael Henry Trio, 2004. All words and music by Michael Henry.
Released mini LP Evening Of The Summertime, with band Michael Henry Trio, 2002. All words and music by Michael Henry.
Michael Henry Trio toured UK and Northern Ireland, playing 15 shows in seven weeks, 2002.
Received airplay on BBC Radio 1, UK.
Received airplay on ABC and Australian community radio stations, including Sydney�s 2SER and FBi, The Pulse in Geelong, Vic, and Brisbane�s 4ZZZ.
Received high-rotation on FBi with More Than You Know, from At A Glance.
Michael Henry Trio named in FBi�s top ten unsigned acts, 2004.
The EP named in top five releases for 2002 by Clare Polanski, Tsumani editor.
Received local press interviews and live reviews in Dolly, NW, Drum Media, Inpress, Beat, The Brag and Tsunami.
Michael Henry Trio received a recording deal at Troy Horse Studios to record the album At A Glance, with producer Brian Cachia.
Produced five film clips, four of which have been aired on Rage: At A Glance, Angels, Take Me Now and Slipping Even Further.


The Songs

Written By: Michael Henry


Ohh what I love
Hearing songs
That bring
Good memories

Sing words I know
To the songs
That live
Within me

Dance all night long
to the songs
that speak
in rhythm

Sway to and fro
Waves of notes
Just feed
the senses

The Art Of living

Written By: Michael Henry

nicely done
the art of living
like soap stars
the art of living
well look no far
the life we're living

how we live
lucky young guns
share to give
carry it on
living with highlights

practice hard
the art of living
we are the cast
the art of living
we like to laugh
our hearts are beaming

how we live
lucky young guns
share to give
carry it on
living with highlights

With You

Written By: Michael Henry

walking along...............with you
my heart's in song........with you
good times just roll.......with you
in cruise control............with you

i feel the warmth...........with you
sunsets just glow........with you
such a great bond.......with you
'cause i belong.............with you

complete i'm whole......with you
my heart responds......with you
taken by storm............with you
i'll sing this song..........with you

Tupper Street

Written By: Michael Henry

Got them under
Under a spell
Lucky Tupper Street
Jealous they all are

She’ll want to move
Giving other streets
The chance to romance her

She’ll sing them a tune
Humble Tupper Street
Enjoys what it has now


Shatter Records Compilation -
LP 2007 (Shatter Records)

Starving Kids Records Compilation -
LP 2007 (Starving Kids Records)

Michael Henry -
LP With You - 2007 (Independent Release)

Michael Henry Trio -
LP "At A Glance" - 2004 (Independent Release)

Michael Henry Trio -
mini LP "Evening Of The Summertime" - 2002 (Subsidiary, MGM)

Set List

We can do one or two sets, they are normally 40 minutes long. We normally play 14-18 songs per set.

the songs
thanks grandma
deep blue falls
with you
late night hop
The art of living
cursed missed opportunities
tupper street
taken by gold
sunshine or monday
wonderword woman
best that I can be
don't follow me for you
take care