Michael Hepburn

Michael Hepburn


Progressive RnB/Jazz/Rock


Growing up in Portland, Oregon, composer, arranger, keyboard and vocal artist Michael Hepburn performed with and was influenced by many great musicians on the northwest music scene who achieved worldwide recognition: Mel Brown, David Friesen, Ron Stein, Tom Grant, and Jeff Lorber, to name a few.
In the mid-and-late 1970's Michael went on to achieve worldwide professional recognition through the success of his band, "Pleasure," after the band was discovered and produced by Jazz Crusaders legend Wayne Henderson. "Pleasure" recordings were released and distributed under the Fantasy and RCA record labels.
Now, in the age of “Smooth Jazz,” "Acid Jazz," "Rap", "House," and "Hip Hop", all derived from R&B dance music, Michael's compositions featured in the "Pleasure" discography have become clearly established as some of the most widely sampled and looped throughout the world. Michael’s music has been featured in the soundtrack for the movie, “House Party” (“Kid vs. Play, the Battle”), Janet Jackson's 1997 release, "The Velvet Rope" (“Free Xone”) and, Will Smith’s 2002 release, “Born to Reign” (“1000 Kisses”).
Michael continues his songwriting, recording production, arranging, keyboard and vocal performance work in the Seattle area.


CD: "Peace In The Heart"; Streaming music sites: Sonic Bids; Broadjam

Set List

Originals: RnB, Jazz, Rock.
Covers: Stevie Wonder, "Anotther Star"; Boogie On Raggae Woman; "Higher Ground"; Gnarls Barkely, "Crazy"