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That was That

Written By: michael irish

Touch the whiskey to your throat,
I know that you know - just
last week someone better looking then me - bought you this same drink and sat in this same seat; but that was that and this is this.

Then we rode our bikes home under the BQE when you got off your seat and walked it nervously. You said "just last week someone smarter then me didn't make it all the way across these streets".

When we got into my house you kissed me so slowly and you claimed that I was different. You undressed me so slowly, and swore that I was different.

that was that, this was this. we kissed nervously and then got on with it. You said "wear protection, you know when I was 18 I was forced into getting an abortion".

And I said that was that, and this is this.

In the sobering sun as I got my pants on and snuck out the door, you said "you are just like all those guys, I swore you different. I swore you were better."

But that was that, and this is this.