Michael Jarrett

Michael Jarrett


Michael has a way of putting the memory of feelings into words. When you listen to his songs, you remember how you feel about those things in your heart that are worth living for. His songs are honest. You know what he's talking about.


In October of 1973, with an off-rhythm magnolia branch tapping on the window of the Piedmont Hospital in Fulton County Georgia, I was born; the first child in my family. Next thing you know, my folks packed up their '66 Mustang and moved us south about 100 miles to the borderlands with Alabama. Some of my fondest early memories are looking from a sideways angle through the windshield over my parents' shoulders or up through the backseat window at the tops of trees. Things were bigger then; that's about all I can really recall.

I grew up in Columbus, there on the Chattahoochee river, in Muscogee County, the home of Muscogee County Jail, the new name of the Columbus Stockade, and you probably know the song about that. It's one of the many cover songs I don't do. Columbus is a wonderful place to be from. I discovered at my high-school graduation that, somehow, there aren't any roads that head into Columbus, they all seem to lead away. I hitched a ride on one of them up to Tennessee to be liberal-artfully educated and started writing songs about the trip.

Four years later, I moved to Texas for the first time, bought my first car, a '74 Chevy pick-up that broke down six months later, and started trying out some of those songs on Texas ears. It took. So I wrote some more, learned a new chord and decided to move back to Tennessee... just to be sure. I had to buy another truck for the trip, it broke down six months later, so I stayed there a couple years working on my new chord.

After taking some classes in automobile mechanics, I was ready for a new truck purchase, which I proceeded to make. All this time, I traveled one way or another down to Texas about every two months. Naturally the next step was to take a job in New Mexico, which I did. But despite all my new mechanical abilities, my truck broke down on the way there in Grambling, Louisiana. I sold the sucker for $400 to the mechanic who tried to fix it (and let me stay in his single-wide with him and his family while he did) and rented a '96 Mustang, loaded it with everything but my pride and my busted-spring mattress and rolled into Austin with twenty-seven dollars and thirteen cents.

After a while, I moved to San Angelo and started playing shows in Austin. So I moved back to Austin to find the shows were now in all the other parts of Texas. So I switched houses in Austin... just to be sure... and found the shows were now in New Mexico, Arizona, and California too. Fortunately, those mechanics classes started paying off.

There's plenty more I could tell some other time. And, of course, there's still the traveling stories...


Untitled coming Fall 2007!
The Authorized Bootleg - 2001
Come On - 2000

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