Michael J. Davis

Michael J. Davis


I'm a singer songwriter writing country-inspritional tunes and guitar instramentals...along with original finger-style guitar arrangements of popular hymns and traditional Christmas songs. Think of Josh Turner or Alan Jackson mixed with Chet Atkins guitar style...that's me.


I've been playing guitar for over 40 years but my playing has gone to a new place during the past 4 years. It's at a different level. Other guitarists are commenting about my playing style and feeling in my original tunes and original finger-style arrangements of traditional hymns and Christmas songs. Though I was first published as a song writer many years ago...I've continued to desire to spend my time as a song-writer for many years now...I've never had the time or oportunities to present my work to music publishers or record label professionals in Nashville, New York or L.A.
I'm ready to work with professional level people in the music industry. I was refered to this site by a well known record label as a means of securing an audition for their consideration.