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Michael Johnson


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Walk In The Light

Written By: Michael Eric Johnson

Walk in the Light

Deep in your eyes my dreams have come true
Like only you can see
My mirror shares a reflection of you
With just enough space for me
We wandered miles before finding this road
From here it won’t matter wherever we go if we

Walk in the light
Leave our shadows behind
Walk in the light
Face whatever we find
In this moment of a lifetime, the best I could do
Is walk in the light with you

My stars rise and set with you now
Though it’s not sunk in just yet
No surprises or unspoken vows
Just a feeling I’ll never forget:
If I lose my way and I’m finally called home
My final curtain I won’t face alone cuz we’ll

If my spirit falters will you take my hand?
Lift up my heart; give me courage to stand? And

Chorus (up a note)
Repeat chorus. Lead: vocal showcase through finish