Michael Fabrizio

Michael Fabrizio

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Michael is a passionate talent with eclectic roots and a love for making people feel. He calls his sound "cross-genral," a tribute to his up-bringing. His songs are a true testament that there is still something out there that hasn't been done. "Believe"


Award winning songwriter and Nashville recording artist Michael Joseph Fabrizio found his musical roots in the rural hills of western Massachusetts. Currently working with renowned producer/musician Kent Wells (Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire), Michael released his breakout album "Inside/Out." The record spans years of songwriting efforts and compiles some of Michael's most passionate work. Michael is poised for success with a handful of “radio-ready” country crossover hits. A fusion of rock, americana, country, pop and soul, Michael is dedicated to making music that blends genres together; he calls it "cross-genral." His unique sound and style is forging a new path in country music which pays homage to the Nashville traditions while opening up a wider audience with his universal appeal.
It all started back in Richmond, Massachusetts when at the age of 12, Michael began studying the piano. Always a source of encouragement and inspiration, his family would listen as he learned to sing and play classics by Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. During those early years Michael recognized in these superstars “something in the emotion they evoked in their voices that made me say, I want to do that.”
Michael's “performances disarm me in their honesty, tenderness and passion. An original in a sea of imitators," says Grammy winner Margo Garrett. Award winning, Nashville producer Kent Wells has become the latest fan and says, “With his solid presence on stage, and command of multiple instruments, Michael's love of music and performance make for a captivated audience and a great live musical experience that ranges from his vulnerable delivery of love songs, to high-energy radio-friendly tunes, with 'Country Friday Nights,' his self-written “ode to loving life and country music” being the centerpiece and climax of a live show you need to see!”
It was probably Michael's training in martial arts and athletics that proved to be one of the most important life skills he developed while living back home in the Berkshire hills as well as attending college on a baseball scholarship. The discipline and dedication he learned on the field proved equally important in Music City where there are songwriters on every corner. And yet, talent, skill, and dedication are abundant in Michael and have allowed him to be sought after as a co-writer by Grammy winner Tommy Sims, CMA winner and Grammy nominated Billy Kirsch, and hit makers like Del Gray, Zak Turner and the TV show Nashville Star. Michael has received multiple national and international songwriting awards, placed second in Strum Magazine's Music Madness competition, and has had his songs played on radio stations across the USA as well as on FOX Sports.
He lives by a quote his father told him when he was young, "to do great things you must believe greatly." And it is this great belief in music as a bridge to bring understanding and compassion, to express emotions and passion and to touch the lives of people everywhere that has infused Michael with the energy he expresses in his live shows. It “never gets old, never disappoints, and always leaves me wanting more!”
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If I Were Wrong

Written By: Michael Joseph

If I Were Wrong
Copyright 2008 Michael Joseph

I wish I knew then what I know now; I hope that I’d run away
Leave your memory someplace dark where it couldn't find its way
Back up the truck, I’ve had enough, doing what don’t feel right
You say its me, that’s hard to believe when you’re calling in late at night


If I were wrong
Then you'd be right
That’s like the sun
Lighting the night
If I were wrong
I’d turn around
Till I can’t make a sound
I’d get on my knees
Beg till they bleed
Sing you a sappy love song
If I were wrong

Don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t seen the lies in your smile
In the mirror today, I saw a face hadn't seen in quite awhile
It was finally, me; clear as can be I saw the life in my eyes
As I bowed my head, the words that I said, made me realize


Intro again

Final Chorus


Written By: Michael Joseph

Hey girl why don't you put that lipstick down
Tonight you won't need it we ain't going out downtown
i've got the fire place lit baby wet those lips with wine
I'll dim the lights just low enough to see the passion in your eyes

Then we'll get lost
in us
let the kisses say what we can't explain
we'll get lost
we don't get to have enough of these days
lets get lost...in us...

Hey girl i couldn't pray for more than this
must be lucky i guess cause it wasn't anything i did
maybe i don't deserve you but I'm never letting go
i'll hold your hand through all our storms until we reach our rainbow...chorus

Between work and play baby there's no way
we can do this every night
we both get tired and that's ok
but when we get the time...final chorus, tags

Good at Gettin' Gone

Written By: Michael Joseph

Good at Getting Gone
Copyright 2008
Michael Joseph

So you may be leaving?
Then why make this so hard?
If I put you through the fire
Then why am I the one with scars…on my heart?

I just keep on believing
Your mind could go either way
Still I’ll leave you well alone
No matter what you say…I just pray…you

Don’t keep me waiting
Answer the phone
Whatever your answer is
I don’t care baby I just need to know
Cause I’m good, good at getting gone

Don’t let me down easy
I’m prepared for the end
You were the sun in my eyes
Kept me blinded to your sins…yea I know about him

This bottle's running low
I’m running high on faith
I can’t spend another second wondering why I’ve been replaced…final chorus

Leavin' Anyway

Written By: Michael Joseph

Leaving Anyway
Copyright 2008
Michael Joseph

Well we tried our best maybe we can blame it on the wrong time
Like flowers in the snow baby don't you know love is hard to find
What did we do?
Was it me or you?

You said it was nothing but I saw the way that he looked at you
The passion in his eyes as I'm standing by your side looking like a fool
Forget about goodbye
I don’t need it this time

I’m leaving anyway
Don’t care what you have to say
I wasn't your one and only one
I’m leaving anyway
I knew from the first day
This was too good to be true
No way I’m going to stay
I'm leaving anyway

Should have...
Known from your kiss something was a miss it wasn't as sweet
Known when my hands were strangers on your skin you weren't into me
Guess I was a little slow
Doesn’t matter though

Like a black rainbow with no pot of gold
Like a long lost soul down a long lost road
I’m wandering alone left it all behind
Forgot what I’ve lost don’t care what I find...Chorus

Every Time

Written By: Michael Joseph/Nichole Sims

Baby, it’s so easy loving you
It was blessed, man so unexpected
As if someone already knew

As we fade with the dreams of the night
I know now why you feel so right


It feels like the first time
Every time, I see you again
It feels like the first kiss
Every time, your satin lips rub on mine
It makes me feel so alive
She said don’t grow old without me
Its like this every day
Every time

Baby, I wish there was a word
Strong enough, soft but tough
To explain what’s really occurred

In your kiss awaits a promise
That we’ll always be like this…

Instrumental into Final Chorus

Girl That We Let Go

Written By: Michael Joseph

Girl That We Let Go
Michael Joseph Copyright 2003

We've all heard love songs about the one that got away
and in so many words the songs always say
she's gone she ain't coming back like a runaway train on a one way track
you wonder, does she wonder about you?

but what about the one
who was always there, saved your soul
like a prayer
in love and war maybe all is fair
but she loved you, you let her go

how could we forget
stead of clinging to a dream
the girl who would sail across the oceans
whose love could melt the snow
do we ever remember, the girl that we let go

you left her standing disappearing in the dust
and your looking in your rearview at what you left and lost
she was true, strong as steel , she loved you and her love was real
and you wonder, oh how you wonder

but what about the one
who was always there, saved your soul
like a prayer
in love and war maybe all is fair
but she loved you, you let her go

how could we forget
stead of clinging to a dream
the girl who would sail across the oceans
whose love could melt the snow
do we ever remember, the girl that we let go


Written By: Michael Joseph


Can't admit she's gone, and time stands still
I'm waiting for someone to pull me up that lonely hill
Sleep has become a nightmare like everything seems
On your knees I pray she's in my dreams

That's denial
Been hoping like a child
I fly to find my soul
I could have left it beside my heart
On the bed the night we said
I love you

Walking through town I try to find you, through the crowd
You always stood out like the moon through the clouds
Like a rambler finds a river in the desert I see you here
Then like a mirage you disappear



You walked away, i still hold on
I got the thorns and not the rose
Staring down at my bloody palms
Why i dont let go, god only knows

Final Chorus

One I'll Never Know

Written By: Michael Joseph/Mia Fabrizio

Holding your hand I laugh so hard, it's getting hard to
So lost in you, I find myself
Living a love I'll never see

This is how it's gonna go
when i write my love song
to the one i'll never know
to the one i'll never know

Even when I'm so cold, your body warms me
even when I feel so crazy
your body controls me



I sing my songs
I play these games
Still I hide each time I seek
Can almost taste her lips here in my dreams
but I'm afraid to hear her speak

Final Chorus

Picture In The Frame

Written By: Michael Joseph

Picture in a Frame

Gazing at her now, in a picture in a frame
A tear comes rolling down at the mention of her name
Try to wipe away the pain that nothin' can conceal
If time heals all wounds, why wont this wound heal

Why'd I run, when I could have flown
why'd I crawl back to her I dont know
Let her into my heart, where no one's ever gone
Should've moved on...left her picture in the frame

Shoulda left town long ago, left the past where it belonged
Shoulda left when it was right, right when i was wronged
Why'd I hold that same ol' hand, cause it's a losing game we play
Love's takin' it's toll and it's more than i can pay



Final Chorus

Guarantee I'm Gone

Written By: Michael Joseph

Guarantee I'm Gone
Copyright 2003
Michael Joseph

Lost and found like I've always been
Flung around left and right again
Kissed and loved by a lying grin
I guarantee I'm gone

Lotta lust not a a lot of love
Lotta pull but when push came to shove
A lot of lies, took away my trust
I guarantee I'm gone


I'll be leaving on an evening train
Driving through the pouring rain
Flying till i find that place
Where I can sing my song
Don't know where it's gonna be
But I guarantee
I'm Gone

She was true and false and neither one
Why'd I walk, when I could've run
Like the stars running from the sun
I guarantee I'm gone, I'm gone...so gone


Final Chorus

Night in the Country

Written By: Michael Joseph Fabrizio

Copyright 2007 Michael Joseph Music LLC

i feel the city lights burn a little hotter than they did before
I see your face on every corner and every billboard
i dont care who you kiss who you hug you miss who you love
it doesn't really matter anyhow anyway all i wanted was a day and a

night in the country a kiss down by devil's creek
a little bit of time to hold near my heart so you can tear it apart
we can go back to the place we met on a summer's eve
on a night in the country

i hate the way these crowded streets make me feel like I'm so alone
people holding hands and hearts beating wildly every place i go
I dont care what you do what you say who you knew who you play
it doesn't really matter anyhow anyway all i wanted was a day

and a



here come the fireflies
dancing in your eyes
a little slice of paradise
on a...

Final Chorus


Written By: Michael Fabrizio

I Knew You'd Run

3 am and I can't sleep
got a thunder rolling inside me
it's crashing like the sea

you took my heart and headed east
a suitcase with my dreams
never felt like "meant to be"

I knew you'd run
I knew you'd lie
say every-time everything was alright
I knew you'd leave
I knew you'd sleep...well
while i was coming undone
but all along, i knew you'd run

not a picture in a frame
not a memory remains
but to me it's all the same


i worked too hard for your love, too hard for your kiss
it's breaking my heart to be thinking like this
I wish you the best down the road that your travelin on...but...

Final Chorus


Written By: michael fabrizio

I lost my mind when I saw you down on Broadway
I saw you down on broadway last night
First avenue light, when i saw you down on Broadway
I saw you down on broadway last night

Waking moment, you used to own them, with that smile you cut me deep

our final hours a love gone sour with words, your own little war on me

So run, with your space, i can't say, I misplaced the face...


Sleepless nights, yes, you were right, I, just can't be alone
whiskey and wine, extra sometimes, so i can make the morning sun

Run wild and free, i'll make the best of what's left of me



Final Chorus


Michael Joseph-Country Strong (2002)-unavailable
Michael Joseph-Self Titled (2005)
Without A Goodbye-Video (2005)
Michael Joseph-Lost (2009)
Michael Fabrizio-Inside/Out (2011)
Michael is also available on Itunes for download

Set List

Most of Michael's set list is composed of originals with appropriate covers mixed in. The set typically runs an hour and a half to two hours with a break between sets.

Band will change depending on gig location