Michael Leonhart

Michael Leonhart


Orchestral pop (the Beach Boys, Flaming Lips), 60's classic rock (the Beatles, Velvet Underground), folk singer-songwriting and dreamy organic electronic soundscapes.


Born into a musical family, Michael Leonhart has developed into one of the most imaginative musicians of his time, sought throughout the music and entertainment world as a trumpet player, producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and singer-songwriter.

As a solo artist Michael has released three albums -- "Aardvark Poses" (1995), "Glub Glub vol. 11" (1997), and "Slow" (2002) all on the Sunnyside label (http://www.sunnysiderecords.com/). He has composed and performed music for movies, television, dance, fashion shows and theater, and has appeared on over 70 albums.

At age 17, Michael was honored as the youngest Grammy recipient in history, cited as the most outstanding musician in a U.S. high school. That same year ABC World News named him"Person of the Week"?.

Michael has performed with Steely Dan since 1996, recording two albums with them, including 2000's Grammy winning Album of the Year "Two Against Nature" on which he was a featured performer, arranger and conductor. He has performed and/or recorded with such diverse artists as A Tribe Called Quest, Arto Linsday, Bill Frisell, Bonnie Raitt, Brian Eno, Busta Rhymes, D.J. Spooky, David Byrne, James Brown, Joshua Redman, Mos Def, Natalie Merchant, Q-Tip, Raekwon (Wutang Clan), Slash (Guns and Roses/ Velvet Revolver), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Vinicius Cantuaria and Wynton Marsalis.

In 2004, Michael toured worldwide with Lenny Kravitz supporting his most recent album, "Baptism".

"The Ballad of Minton Quigley"?, a self-produced and recorded album of original songs, was released in the summer of 2006, featuring Michael as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. He is currently performing in clubs around New York City with his band, while finishing the next LP of all new songs, to be released late 2007.

"The Ballad of Minton Quigley" and "he Suzy Lattimore ep"are available at http://www.cdbaby.com


suzy lattimore

Written By: michael leonhart


Proud and tan
legs planted on the floor
haven't got time to talk
'cause you're needed out the door
tell me what's on your mind
tell me what is in your heart
tell me where we've gotta start

how about slowin' down
from a run to a waltz
keep your eyes off the street
yeah we've all got our faults
tell me what's in your heart
tell me what is in your mind
I know a good one's hard to find

Suzy Lattimore tell me what's in a name
We'll love you the same every little day
Suzy Lattimore, I know you're young and you're restless
Try not mess this pretty little home

Tell me what's in the news
Since I've been gone
I heard the gates are down
Is the hair still long
Livin'like a queen are you flying through the skies
How I've missed those pretty eyes

Suzy Lattimore tell me what's in a name
We'll love you the same every little day
Suzy Lattimore, I know times are so hard
Don't play that card not just yet

Tell me what is wrong
Tell me what is right (tell me what is right)
Tell me what's that song (you've got to tell me, tell me)
You sing all through the night

Suzy lattimore tell me what's in a name
We'll love you the same every little day
Suzy Latimore I know times are so hard
Don't play that card not just yet

Suzy lattimore how is life down below
I know things are slow, in your pretty little home
Suzy Lattimore how I know you get lonely
Remember you're only one year old


Aardvark Poses, Sunnyside Records
Glub Glub vol. 11, Sunnyside Records
Slow, Sunnyside Records
the Suzy Lattimore EP
The Ballad of Minton Quigley

(over 70 albums with other artists)...

Set List

01-Better Place
03-Burlesque Fuzz Show
04-cover (Magic Penny)
05-What did You Dream about...
06- Glass Cage
07-cover (Love will keep us together)
08-Suzy Lattimore