Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

 Mead, Washington, USA
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"Make no mistake about it; Michael Lewis is one talented man." (TN Jazz and Blues Society) Michael Lewis is a Nashville based artist with a memorable voice, great songs, polished recordings, incredible guitar chops and cool productions.


Named as one of the top ten independent artists in the country by the Independent Artist Registry, Michael Lewis blends cool pop/bluesy vocals, with polished guitar riffs and a solid groove. In a world of singer/songwriters, Michael is considered an excellent tune-smith with the added advantage of session quality musicianship which takes him over the top. One reviewer wrote of Michael's live show; "He is an extraordinarily talented musician and a powerful presence in concert."

Michael's songs have garnered many friends from diverse audiences, with material that appeals to the pop/rock demographic, while his high level of musicianship has won him many fans from the contemporary blues and smooth jazz camps. Equally at home on stage or in the studio, Michael Lewis is a true musician, a sincere performer and a genuine artist dedicated to his craft. He is also a gifted entertainer and performer who puts on an enjoyable show and interacts well with his audiences.

Michael is a guitar player's guitarist. Endorsed by reputable companies such as Fuchs guitar amplifiers and Taylor guitars, Michael is considered to be an authority on guitar tone and is sought after and known world wide for his opinions on the subject. He publishes a monthly newsletter called "The Tone Zone" which is distributed to guitarists Internationally.

For band performances, Michael brings along top notch Nashville musicians with strong credentials, who perform with him locally on a regular basis. Since moving to Nashville in the late nineties, Michael has also toured, recorded and performed with a number of major label artists. For Michael's solo performances, Michael sings and plays acoustic guitar while creating loops live, on the fly -- a real crowd pleaser.

Michael Lewis is a polished performer who relates well to his audiences and performs with a stunning degree of musicianship. Add to this a strong supporting cast of session quality players, a dynamic stage presence, excellent vocals, outstanding guitar playing and enjoyable songs and you're in for a great show! Michael has hundreds of performances under his belt and a nationwide following that grows each year. His music is catchy, yet sophisticated enough that you can listen over and over. His vibe is positive and his music is uplifting and encouraging -- he is an artist who has proven that he is well worth listening to. Fans who've seen Michael Lewis in concert will be quick to say that you'll be glad you chose him to perform at your event.

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The View From Here Is Cool

Written By: Michael Lewis

Rays of sunlight in the morning
A soft glow and a smile on her face
Everyone wants to know her secret
Where do you go to find such peace and grace

She says you learn to be grateful
And you'll wake up every morning glad to be alive, Singing...

(Chorus) The view from here is cool. You know the view from here is cool. The view from here is cool. I'm diggin' the view from here, cause you know that it's cool

Shadows fall on city streets
In a high-rise of emptiness
But one heart full of hope and love
Can change your perspective
On the meaning of success

It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from. There’s a way for you
that can change your point of view,
You’ll be singing…

(Chorus)The view from here is cool
You know the view from here is cool
The view from here is cool
I'm diggin' the view from here, cause you know that it's cool

The world can be a tunnel of black and white. But all the colors come alive when we walk in His light,

we’ll be singing…

Beyond The Curve

Written By: Michael Lewis and John Mayer

Beyond The Curve
Words by John Mayer and Michael Lewis. Music by Michael Lewis
©2005 Specific Harm Music/Jazz For Jesus Music (ascap)

I keep a note I wrote right here..
on this taxi receipt. And it says,
“Don't trust advice from a guy
wearin’ Mojo shoes on a size 13 feet”
you can hit the big time for a nominal fee but you’ll lose friends when you fulfill your dreams

I’ve been there and it’s left me scared And I don’t know if I wanna know

What lies beyond the curve
Could it be rainbow colors and
Pots filled with Gold
Or will I be left in an old time theater, watching the show alone
Hearing the ticking of the projector as it drones

Take a look at the scars and scrapes, my heart’s got bruises and breaks.
You see I’m Dangerously committed, to see just how much more I can take. It’s been like three long years under water now, and I’m
Lookin’ a little blue But my faith
Is taking me deeper and deeper

I’m still here and I’m still scared
And I wonder what there is to learn out there. Beyond the curve, beyond the curve

Will it be rainbow colors
And treasures untold
Or will I be left in some old time theater, watching the show alone
Showtime is indefinitely postponed
They ran out of film but the screen says to turn off your cell phone.
I guess I’ll reload my popcorn and change my ringtones.

Beyond The Curve
Wishful thinking, fountains for drinking, Cool breezes blowin’ beyond the curve. Gold on the street, heavenly beats, a royal meet and greet. Beyond The curve… can you tell me what I’ll find
Is there a way to define… Beyond the curve.

The Sun Still Shines

Written By: Michael Lewis

The Sun Still Shines
By Michael Lewis ©1999
Jazz For Jesus Music ASCAP

Standing there, waiting at the bus stop
City park, not far from here
l'm downtown, there's no one around
But the sound around make's it hard to hear
Somehow laughter's still going on.
No matter how hard things get,
don't let it put an end to your song...

(Chorus) Cause the Sun Still Shines
Despite any clouds above
And your heart will shine
If you keep on walking in love
Keep walkin' in love

Rusty Pipes waiting for the sandman
Sweaty arms and a fresh coat of paint
Across the street there's a cross on the church top where a
Rusty man can become a saint.
Inside, prayers are still going on
Two thousand years, after all we've been through
Nothing's put an end to the song ( chorus)

(Bridge) Just As long as your heart is beating
There's a place for you to shine
Just as long as the sun is shining
There's a love for you to find


Heart Strings, (Pending release), Blue Street (pre release now available), Discovery (2005). For radio or internet airplay, please drop us an email and we can send you a radio single CD, an album or an mp3 for internet release.

Set List

Michael performs original songs from one of his albums or upcoming releases plus a view choice covers. Michael's music is appreciated by a variety of audiences. His material is influenced by artists such as John Mayer, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and Steely Dan. As a guitarist, he has been compared with many greats including; blues guitarists Robben Ford and Larry Carlton, jazz guitarists Lee Ritenour and Pat Metheny and guitarists with a spanish flair such as Al Dimeola and Santana.