Michael Lloyd Band

Michael Lloyd Band


MLB's piano-based rock is an island of smart style and substance amid a genre drowning in glazed piano balladry. Brimming with rich harmonies, rhythms and engaging storylines, the Highwaters EP creates a rare musical oasis where there's room for memorable melodies and musical depth of field.


Winner, Top 25 CDs of 2006, Indie-Music.com

"Unpretentious creative fusion between funk, jazz, and rock, all centered on Lloyd's rhythmic keyboard work. If mainstream radio was playing this kind of music, I'd tune in." Jamie Anderson, Indie-Music.com

Best of 2006 Front Row Center Award, Colorado's Marquee Magazine

"Imagine Ben Folds with Jamiroquai's smooth vocals and groovy basslines. Denver, Colorado is their home fort and if they know what's good for them they'll be supporting this band and helping them achieve the national exposure that they deserve." - Smother.net music reviews, Nov. 2005

"Denver’s Michael Lloyd creates music that is easy to like from the catchy, piano driven funk grooves to the soulful vocals. ...Songs like 'Wildfire,' '45 At A Time' and the Harry Connick-ish ballad 'So Easily' are subtly brilliant." - Mark Waterbury, Music Morsels

With songs about bank robbers, relationships and one of the largest disasters in Colorado history, the Michael Lloyd Band has quickly garnered attention for its dynamic debut recording, the Highwaters EP.

The band's live show brims with an adventurous new piano rock sound that sheds the typical piano-ballad format and subtly evokes funk, R&B and soul-jazz roots.

Singer/songwriter/pianist Mike Liguori was born in Anchorage, Alaska, grew up in northern New Jersey and studied with jazz Grammy winner Chip Stephens at the University of Colorado. Liguori is joined by guitarist/bassist and co-producer Jim Ruberto on the Highwaters EP, along with talented guest contributors from as far away as Calgary and Venezuela.

Amelia Earhart's appearance on "45 At A Time" is among the cameos and interesting lyrical storylines. Amelia is a friend of the band and a Denver radio reporter. "Wildfire" was inspired by the personal tragedy behind the largest wildfire in Colorado history - the 2002 Hayman fire. "Sleepwalking" uses an energetic funk piano riff to set the stage for a bank robber whose motivation turns out to be something other than money.

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Written By: ML Liguori

The bank clock slowly swept around
Gathering interest from the crowd
Nobody in line knew I was on the edge
No more negotiation, do it my way instead

Feels so good to be on the run
I always knew that I would be the one
To try my hand while the others keep talking
Yeah, I’m done sleepwalking

Shaken, tremble, the teller was so scared
She filled my bag while the other people stared
She said ‘Hey man wipe that smile off your face’
I shrugged my shoulder, something made me say


Now’s the time for me to get away…

I left the bank and I gave away the money
Never regretted anything I’ve done
My soul might be corrupt, but now I know
At least I got one

45 At A Time

Written By: ML Liguori

He plays all the good gigs around town
Knows the tops and tails like a good boy should
You’d never know from how he walks so tall
There’s something scares him all the time

Somebody might play it better
Much better than he might ever

Makin’ his way, 45 At A Time
Shakin’ em down down down
And makin’ them come alive

Behind closed doors of course he needs to get paid
He needs his fifty or he will not stay
He won’t stay
Then his eye wanders to the girls down front
And for a moment it’s worthwhile
Just for a moment it’s worthwhile


Now and then his patience is wearing thin
But still the muse it chooses him
Hey hey still the muse it chooses him



Written By: ML Liguori

Splash up on the sand and sink into me like a lotion
Do it again and again, cause I’m the beach and you’re the wave
It’s how you roll up on that shore that sets my body in motion
But your love is a flood, and I’ve realized
It’s something I can’t contain

You’re pouring down
All over me
I want you so
Damn the Highwaters
Damn the Highwaters again

It’s like I’m wearing jeans in a heatwave, but I keep putting you on
Stylish self-absorbed wrinkle-free crooked seams
Now it’s time I put your love on the line and let it dry out in the sun
It’s gonna shrink so much, it ain’t long enough
To fit anyone



Highwaters EP (9/2005)

Set List

Michael Lloyd band plays both short and long sets, typically spanning three to four hours on club dates including set breaks. Sets include original music and unique arrangements of covers from the rock, R&B and funk realms. Emphasis is on danceable grooves.

Please email book@mlband.com for more information and current setlists.