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Being the son of a Latina Model and a Jewish Banker, Michael Magid always knew his cultural background would lead to a career in entertainment or many years of emotional therapy. After quickly realizing that his sole purpose in college was to remain academically eligible for the soccer team; Michael left the hallowed halls of academia and moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides. Michael is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and is a co-founder of the sketch comedy group “Recycled Babies” (www.recycledbabies.com) He currently can be seen performing stand-up comedy throughout the Greater United States of America , and structuring run on sentences and sentence fragments. Oh he’s also done some stuff on TV and in films, but let’s be honest in this day and age, who hasn’t. Did I mention that he writes too? Oh, well he does. Is that less than 100 words?


Michael Magid (SAG-E/AFTRA)
Birthplace: Caracas Venezuela
310 990 2516

American Swingers Lead dir. Jeremy White
Athlete Lead dir. Ian Harris
Invest to Impress (NY Film Festival, Palm Springs) Lead dir. Michael Magid
Secret Agent Lead dir. Dwayne Perkins
Jokers Supp. dir. Nick Swardson

Television/New Media
Who’s Laughing Now Comedian Comcast-On Demand
Comedy Time (Mobi TV and Sprint) Comedian Capture Live Productions
AOL Comedy Showcase Comedian America Online Comedy
Hell Date (Pilot Pres.) Recurring Hungry Wolff Productions
Patients (Pilot Pres. ABC) Recurring Earthquake Productions
National Lampoons J-TV (Pilot) Lead Jameson Entertainment

Stand Up Comedy (List of clubs available upon request)
Festivals: New York Comedy Contest ‘09, Boston Comedy Festival ‘09 and ‘10, San Diego Comedy Festival ‘05, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival ‘10 and ‘11, King David’s of Comedy ‘11, March Comedy Madness ‘11 Colleges: Indiana University (Parent's Weekend) , East LA College, San Francisco State (Athletics), Stanford University(Athletics)

Theater (Member and Co-Founder of Recycled Babies Sketch Troupe)
Comedy D’Light Ensemble Second City Hollywood
Flippin Through the Channels pt. 1 Ensemble Second City Hollywood
Show N’ Television Ensemble Second City Hollywood
Orphans Philip Stella Adler Theater, Hollywood
Hooters Ricky Stella Adler Theater, Hollywood
Sexual Perversity in Chicago Bernie AADA, Hollywood
Twelfth Night Sir Andrew AADA, Hollywood

List available upon request

Training (Graduate of the Second City, Currently Training at Lesly Kahn)
Improvisation/ Character Development Groundlings/Second City
Acting/Technique Andrew Benne Studio
Conservatory Program AADA
On Camera Acting/ Cold Reading DVC

Special Training: Fluent Spanish (born in Caracas, Venezuela) Sports: Soccer (pro level goalkeeper), basketball, rugby , Characters, Impressions, Dialects, Writer, Debate, Public Speaking, Personal Trainer

Set List

Michael Magid College Set List

Girls and Relationships
My Family Life (Growing up Latino; Growing up Jewish)
Observational (My POV on the world)
My Sports Career (Playing Soccer, Being a Fitness Trainer)