Michael Messina

Michael Messina


I am a singer/songwriter. Sitting at the piano and singing is where I shine. The songs I write and sing come straight from my heart. I have been called the "male love song singer." As soon as you hear one note leave my body it will be shown that I am true talent.


Michael Messina is an all-around musician and entertainer. Whether it is writing powerful songs, sitting at the piano singing, on stage in a musical, or in a classroom teaching, Michael will shine.
Growing up in Connecticut, Michael began piano lessons at the age of 6. He quickly became known around town as the little "piano man." Although Michael knew he had this big voice to go along with his already polished piano skills, he refused to sing a note in public until the age of 16. This led to his burning passion of sitting at the piano and singing his own songs.
After high school, Michael received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, studying songwriting. During his first month of school at Berklee, Michael was offered the opportunity to sing back-up for Barry Manilow for a short stint. He jumped at the
opportunity and upon returning to Berklee, he realized that besides having a performing and songwriting career, he also wanted to pursue a career in music education. He decided to
leave Berklee during his first year to go to a school with more focus on music education, the University of Connecticut.
At the University of Connecticut, Michael focused on developing his music teaching skills, voice skills, and songwriting skills. Michael quickly realized that becoming a singer, songwriter, and educator was his destiny. During college he was given the
opportunity to perform on the Jerry Lewis Telethon and sing under the direction of the late Victor Borgue. Michael graduated Cum Laude in May 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Music (voice).
After graduation, Michael began auditioning for music opportunities and applying for music teaching jobs around the New York City area. Michael was a finalist for a Broadway musical as well as cruise lines and Tokyo Disney. Knowing that his biggest passions were becoming a singer/songwriter and educator, he decided to take a music teaching position 40 miles outside New York City in New Canaan, CT knowing that he could have the best of both worlds.
For the past three years, Michael has established himself as a highly respected music teacher in the New Canaan Public School system. While teaching, he has continued to perform his own music and in musicals in and around the New York City area.
Michael is determined to get his music heard. Sitting at the piano and singing his own music is where he shines. All it takes is the first note to come out of him and you will know he is "true
talent." Described as a "male love song singer," Michael's music and performing style will spark the interest of anyone who takes a moment to listen.


I Can Take It

Written By: Michael Messina

Here I go again, I'm on my may yes I am
Jut keep climbing and reaching, only to get where I want to be

If I close my eyes I can see it
If I reach my hand I almost feal it

I can take it give it to me, throw it at me I can take it, oh yes I can
Inside outside I can take it just let me shine I can take it, oh yes I can

The path seems so easy but how do I get there
Try and try to proove, only coming up to short

Just to tear down those walls, watch out here I am


Give me just one chance, that's all I'm asking for


Still Me

Written By: Michael Messina

I've been waiting so long, to find a way to tell you, but
How do i tell you this when I don't think it's wrong?
It's just not fair.

The world can be a mixed up place when they find something wrong with,
Something as beautiful as what I have in my life.
It's just not fair.

Please still love me

It's just me telling you that I'm happy wity me, it's me just telling you that I'm still me.
Please don't drift away 'cause I'm still me.

My life is so far from your's but that does not make it wrong 'cause,
Inside I feal I'm the one who has everything I've asked for.
Can you see?

But the hardest thing for me is the thought that I've hurt you when,
All I've ever done in your eyes is nothing but be the best.
Can you see?

I've still done good, I'm doing no wrong.


I'm not you.
I'm not them.
I'm not anyone but myself.
Just look at me, here I am.


I'ts just not fair.
Can you see?
I'm still me.

In Love

Written By: Michael Messina

Verse 1:
At times I thought I could just walk away. I thought that I could just move on. But now I know that this is for real. Now I know you are so real.

To be with you is all I want now.
To be with you is all I need now.
Forevers all I want,
for me and you in love.

Verse 2:
We've had our moments of hurt and pain. Moments of feeling how could we go on with this. But now those moments seem to fade away. All those moments leave our hearts in time.


And love is all I have.
And love is all I give.
And you are all I need.
Forever in my soul.



I Can Take It: playing on Indie104 and 88.5 FM iRADIO LA, America's #1 Independent Radio Station

Debut Album Release: Fall 2007

Set List

Typical Set List
length: about 40 minutes

40 minutes will typically include:
8 Original Songs
4 Covers: own arrangements of standards,
pop arrangements of broadway, own
arrangements of 60's/70's/80's/90's/today
pop, cover many artists including: Billy Joel,
Sarah Mclachlin, Tori Amos, Elton John, Barry
Manilow, Cyndi Lauper