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Michael Moon

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Alternative New Age


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"CD review"

"If you ever imagined yourself wandering around inside of a cloud, it might sound like this. It has many of the same qualities as the best space music: it paints a picture so large that you can wander in and get lost for a while. You can visit the enchanted domain many times and each time come away with a different experience."

From CD review in New Age Voice Magazine

- New Age Voice Magazine

"CD review"

"A dreamy melange of peaceful melodies. Listening will put you in a trance-like state...This gentle river of sound presents a perfect background for massage and meditation."

From CD review in Massage Therapy Journal - Massage Therapy Journal

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"There is an intangible quality of the music that stops time for those listening. It inspires. It instructs. It touches. It influences. After the show, we were inundated with messages praising the music. It infused the show with a relaxed feeling of peace, elevating the mood of the audience, energizing individuals. The music appealed to the entire spectrum of visitors."

David Alker, Coordinator, The Total Health Show - David Alker, Coordinator, The Total Health Show

"list of quotes"

"I believe in the quality of his work. "Dance of the Deep" is one of the best selling CDs at the studio."

Helen Goldstein, Director, The Yoga Studio, Toronto

I have had so much great feedback form the Valentine's Dance. People loved it. And the thing that has really struck me, is that it was so much more than "just a dance" It truly was a very profound and ecstatic journey. That was my experience, and I have had other people say the same thing in other ways about it. It was wild and sweaty and fun, and soooo SACRED. I really connected with the Divine energy. Amazing stuff!! Thanks again for your music".

Barbara Suave workshop facilitator

"The performance was revered as truly angelic",

Scott Dickson, Director of The House of Healing

"That was better than front row center at the Rolling Stones concert last night, mind-blowing!"

David Faed, Criminal Lawyer

"Above the Sound of Gravity is one of the few albums helping the listener understand the beauty and power of Divinity. Great, great, album."

Sergiu Rusu Radio Arad

"The music flows gently and deeply through the body spiraling beautifully with healing waves."

Mary James, Buyer, Omega Center

"What a wonderful concert. Trevor and I both generated such bliss within during your beautiful musical offerings! I played your Deep Peace cd (especially the Shanti track) for 4 yoga classes I taught this week. Many comments from students about how meditative the music is, and how it assisted in relaxation and a fufilling, blissful yoga practice."

Nan Keyser Yoga and Dance teacher

"A gentle power comes through Michael's music and voice that reflects the strength and depth of his gifts, he is truly a master musician."

Medea Bavarella, Therapist, Dancer

"Your music creates a delicate and compassionate frequency which holds the field in which deep healing can occur."

Ivy Blank, professional energy worker Santa Fe N.M.

"This music has prevented migraine headaches. I find myself not having to interpret the sound. It is deeply refreshing and calming",

Brenda O'Connor, writer, editor

"Michael Moon makes beautiful music. His work sensual, soothing, passionate, and sweetly personal, is a celebration of the soul and moves deeply as the currents which penetrate the heart",

Catherine Tammero, Reiki Master, Artist,

"You ARE a magician, I feel completely transformed!"

Roy Richard, Psychic

"I love your CDs! Above the Sound of Gravity is perfect for doing yoga and when I just want to completely relax."

Nancy Gould, Gould Luggage

"What a treat your CD Dance of the Deep! I put it back to back with Above the Sound of Gravity, and I'm ready for 2h of "don't worry about it" relaxation. Thanks again."

Loran, Magician

- various

"CD review"

"A dreamy melange of peaceful melodies. Listening will put you in a trance-like state...This gentle river of sound presents a perfect background for massage and meditation."

From CD review in Massage Therapy Journal - Massage Therapy Journal


Visit http://www.thetempleofsound.com to hear more selections from the complete Discography

"Deep Song" 2010- Imagine Loreena Mckennitt meets Leonard Cohen with a little early Pink Floyd and you'll get the idea.

"Deep peace" 2008- Gentle songs, ambient soundscapes and chants working with the 4 elements, for clearing and rejuvenation. Includes a DVD of nature images going through the elements to the music. Vocals, overtone singing guitar, vibes, santur, marimba, percussion, flute, with beautiful female harmonies soaring on top.

"Surrender" 2007- A gentle river of sound for relaxation, meditation, a sleep aid, yoga and healing work. Instruments include vibraharp , marimba and bells.

"Above the Sound of Gravity - healing sounds for inner peace" 2001. gentle inspired sounds floating between dimensions. Perfect accompaniment for holistic healing sessions.
Michael Moon: Vibraharp, Orchestra Bells, Chimes
Laura Nashman: Altoflute, Silver Flute, Native Flute

"In the Realm of the 11th Chord - a healing sound journey" 2000.
An ambient acoustic sound journey
'Liquid Crystal Oscillator'
Michael Moon: Vibraharp, Orchestra Bells, Chimes, Hammered Dulcimer, Vocal Overtones and drones
Rhonda Rose: Voice

"Dance of the Deep" 1998. Entheogenic sounds to shift consciousness and inspire deep healing. Perfect for headphone listening as a total healing experience.
Michael Moon: Vibraharp, Orchestra Bells, Chimes, Hammered Dulcimer, Vocal Overtones, Crystal bowl, Crystal Chimes, Gong



"In the tradition of the troubadours, Michael’s songs praising Love, Nature & Spirit, take you on a journey of alchemy. This lush tapestry of purely acoustic sounds is woven with marimba, vibes, hammered dulcimer, flute, guitars, cello, & exotic world percussion. Soulful male and female harmonies join in deep poetry & mystic longing. The music is infused with a delicate magic & vibrancy that creates an inner sanctuary of peace, gently leading you home to your heart."

From the back cover of the new CD 'Deep Song'

Michael Moon is an award winning, international recording artist, composer, and performer of healing and transformational music. With 6 CD’s ranging from mystical folk and cosmic pop, to instrumental healing soundscapes.

Michael Moon has been combining his pioneering work with sound healing modalities and shamanic trance techniques with popular music for over 18 years. This has resulted in hundreds of performances and 6 CD's, 4 of which are internationally distributed on the White Swan record lable.

Michael has headlined summer festivals, raves, folk clubs and bars, performed at many of the big holistic health shows across North America as well as providing music for many workshops and church services.

Michael Moon has been hosting regular, successful shows four times a year at the solstices and equinoxes and holds monthly workshops, and annual retreats on the Healing Power of Sound.