Michael MozART

Michael MozART

 Solon, Ohio, USA

I'm so passionate about music that I invented products such as GloKeys (www.glokeys.com) just so I could have the opportunity to express myself more 'colorfully'.


I write songs about love, both living it and losing it. I own a gallery in Ohio called MozART (www.MozARTgallery.com) and I perform there regularly. Playing on Glokeys is a distinct privilege I've created for myself. I LOVE the piano and it's obvious to anyone that has ever heard me play. People I haven't seen in years always ask about my music first and foremost.


I've released a handful of original piano/vocal compositions and a few hip hop tracks, but otherwise, I have yet to dive deep enough into the recording world to take as much pride in my discography as I someday hope to.