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Michael Mucklow

Joshua Tree, California, United States | INDIE

Joshua Tree, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative New Age


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"A Highly Memorable Album"

Michael Mucklow's album is like a gentle breeze in the warm spring, a surprisingly fresh and laid back acoustic guitar album which is unpretentious and relaxing in its optimism. You can't help but feel good after listening to this one. That's not to say that it is overly happy or forced, as it has an honest joy to it (and wouldn't you know that there's actually a song called Joy on it) which meanders throughout each and every track.

The album centers around Mucklow and his guitar, with accompanying piano and percussion tagging along for the ride, providing a nice embellishment for the guitar centerpiece. The simplicity and the positvite attitude make a wonderful combination, and the result is a highly memorable album.

MISH MASH Mandate: Joyful Noise - Mish Mash Music Reviews

"Soundscapes that intend to calm and succeed very nicely."

Mucklow is an ambient musician whose specialty is guitars. He layers ethereal sonic textures over his meditative guitar picking which is done finger style to give it a more natural and warmth tone. The backdrop is laid to bed with alluring soundscapes that intend to calm and succeed very nicely. In fact you can’t help but be relaxed when listening to “Clearly”. Michael Mucklow is a clever songwriter whose natural instincts breathe through the guitar and into your eardrum. - Smother Magazine

"Well crafted and all delightful."

Michael Mucklow is an adventurer. His Music speaks volumes for his daring as he has gone about his quest for the unusual settings for solo finger style guitar. Michael is joined by Jon Gosen (Piano, Synth & percussion) and Eric Banas (Piano).

The music on Clearly springs several surprises, but it also has a state of grace in its calmer moments. The members share ideas, interpoling them and then taking them out into articulately giddy terrain.

The musician’s ideas are constantly fertile. Canyon Serenade has a nice early morning sunrise feel. It would be a great track to encourage you to get out of bed on a cold winters day. The guitar is backed by gentle percussion and sparse piano notes.

Moonlight Sands has a more latin jazz feel in which the percussion works really well. It has a downbeat/sinister verse section. There is a slow catchy piano solo towards the end of the track.

Surprise is another driving force, as the album changes pace and direction. After the gentle (It Feels) Timeless, the atmosphere turns to a churning one on In The Temple. A dark sustained electric blues lick opens the track, backed by a somber sounding piano. The most passionate moment comes when the blue licks loop into the track towards the end.

This is the first time I have heard finger style guitar, and am proud to have reviewed this album. In short, the music is not only well crafted, but crafty and it is all delightful. - Metal Haven

"A sonic oasis for getting away from it all."

A fingerstyle guitarist that isn't afraid to be an adventurer, Mucklow let's his influences lead the way as he shapes and shifts them along the way. With a pair of like minded pals, this introspective, ambient and easy disc is a sonic oasis for those looking for a way to get away from it all. An interesting player with a bright future. - Midwest Record Recap

"Enjoy life from a different soundtrack."

I had never heard of a genre called New Age Fingerstyle so when Michael Mucklow sent me his music I was instantly interested. I was about 3 songs in when it dawned on me that there were no lyrics to this music, I was busy chilling out with the absolutely breathtaking guitar work. The guitar sang to you like a it had it's own voice, soft at times yet powerful enough to bring out the goose bumps down your spine. This is mood music to the max!

Refreshing and positive with a slight hint of spanish twang, this music kept my interest with 12 wonderful tracks that were diverse from one another. Something about this music kept giving me goose bumps, hard to explain I think it might have been the soft yet powerful way the guitar was worked. The production of this music was very clear and crisp and easy to listen to but you might find yourself being visited by the goose fairy.

I would recommend this music to everyone that wants to take a break and enjoy your life from a different soundtrack. - New Artist Radio


Michael Mucklow ~ 2nd Groove ~ Harmony Road (June 2008)
Michael Mucklow ~ The View From Here ~ Harmony Road (2007)
Michael Mucklow ~ Clearly ~ Harmony Road (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Michael Mucklow is an instrumental guitarist who journeys outside the box. His use of alternate tunings crafts music that speaks volumes for his daring. A diverse background gives Michael the courage to pursue individuality and unusual settings for his solo Fingerstyle guitarwork. While his music springs surprises, it also maintains a state of constant grace as it changes pace and direction. His albums are fresh, laid back, unpretentious, and reassuring in their optimism. Simplicity and positive undertones make a wonderful combination; the result is memorable music.

Michael's calm demeanor makes it hard to imagine his background. Writing acoustic guitar-based songs since he was 16, his migration as a musician soon led to the electric guitar. Spending several years in original hard rock and punk bands released a desire to play with passion and intensity - a quality that transfers to the soothing and melodic music he writes today. Life converged, and for a season Michael was part of a Christian band. Connecting with his Source of musical inspiration added depth and dimension to his songwriting. When Michael would perform as a solo guitarist, listeners defined his playing as calming, peaceful...even healing. Michael clearly understood that music had the power to produce a positive impact in the human spirit.

His music continued to evolve through influences like Acoustic Alchemy, Will Ackerman and Tommy Emmanuel. Michael's love for the blended sounds of acoustic guitars was solidifying. His exploration of alternate tunings was sparked, re-igniting his desire to write guitar instrumentals. Still, Michael joined two other guitarists to form one last acoustic band before commencing as a solo artist. As lead guitarist, he contributed his skill in writing interesting melodies to combine with the novel lyrics. The band released three albums which offered a fresh and eclectic array of original music.

As this band dissolved, Michael knew it was now time to perform and record as a solo guitarist. His solo projects are his response to the blending of influences that have spoken most to his heart over the years. This heartfelt music is meditative and unique, easily appreciated and savored. Listeners will find Michael's instrumental guitar stylings relaxing, calming, peaceful...and yes, perhaps even healing.