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Here and Now

Written By: Mike Naber

You are my God
And I am Your child
And all I want is to be with You
Here and now
To adore You with my heart
And with a song that
You've inspired
I give You everything
Here and now

You are the God of all creation
Lord I long to sing Your praise
You are the Prince of Peace
The Lord, the God above
Lord it's a priveledge to be here
In Your holiness and grace
Here and now, Lord
I give You my love
Here and now, Lord
I give You my love

Put My Trust In You

Written By: Mike Naber

Put My Trust In You
Mike Naber

Sometimes it seems so hard just to smile
Sometimes my faith seems to run cold
And with all the pressure life brings
You know I'm looking out for something
Just to hold

But then I see Your Word says there is hope
Abundant life from above
And so I fix my life on Jesus
And let your Spirit lift me up
And now I know that through the hard times
I can trust in Your love

When I'm down You are there to lift me up
Extending me the grace to see me through
'Cause You're the only one who's able
To always be there for me
My hope's renewed
When I put my trust in You

Lord I thank You for the promises
And how through Jesus we're made new
And now I know You're always with me
And You'll be faithfully my friend
So teach me even in the hard times, Lord
To trust in You again (Chorus)

And when Your purpose is fulfilled
I'll find joy in Your will, Oh Lord (Chorus)