Michael Notarangelo

Michael Notarangelo


Michael Notarangelo writes and performs music that is a joy to experience as it allows the story of the listeners' soul to be told in a peaceful and healing soundscape.


Michael Notarangelo is an acoustic guitar instrumentalist from Hunterdon County, New Jersey who composes, records, and performs original music. Michael takes personal life experiences and transforms them into melodic and relaxing soundscapes that transcend words and goes straight to the heart of the listener. He performs as a soloist , but also has performed on stage accompanied by cello, flute, piano, sax, bass, drum, hammered dulcimer, dobro (Weissenborn), didgeridoo, and voice. His performances have been well received in a variety of settings; including caf├ęs, restaurants, pubs, art gallery openings, bookstores, corporate and political fundraising events, vineyard events, and music showcases. He has had a few of his recordings played on radio (WPRB, WDVR) and internet radio (G-townRadio.com). His writing has been influenced by folk, classical, jazz, blues, flamenco, pop and world music.


No music released or published yet. I distribute many self-recorded demos in preparation for an album to be recorded in late 2013. Two unpublished compostions have received radio airplay. Recorded demos and videos can be heard on the websites listed below.