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Goodbye, Town

Written By: Michael O'Smith

Goodbye, Town

It’s my time to go

I’m all grown up now

Got my oats to sow

I’ll miss the fair

And the church bell chimes

But there’s nothing here for me

Nothing that’s mine


Goodbye, Town

Goodbye, friend

Hate to leave here

Hope to see you again

When I was a kid

Never thought I would leave

But things have changed now

What’s different is me.

I won’t be content

In these four square miles

Farmer, teacher, factory man

Just ain’t my style.


Where I’m going

I am not sure

But the rails have called me

They’re my lure.

They lead from this town

Two times a day

I’ll be on next one

Later today.

Little Bird

Written By: Michael O'Smith

Fly away little bird and go with haste

Take this letter, my true love waits

She’s a beautiful gal with a head full of curls

We’re gonna get married for she’s my girl.

Watch out little bird as you soar along

Her pa’s real mean and he wants me gone

He don’t like me courting her and says I’m banned

Little does he know I’ve got a plan


Little bird, little bird

I’m depending on you

Fast as you can

My hope is with you.

The letter that I’m sending to her says it all

Meet me at the riverbank by the waterfall

Please steal away on Saturday night

Come Sunday morning, we’ll be man and wife


I made it to the riverbank but found a surprise

I knew in an instant when I saw his eyes

Little bird gave the letter to her pa by mistake

And now he was here to seal my fate


With a gun on his belt and his finger pointed west

Told me to move on, it was for the best

A poor boy like me was not good enough for her

The banker’s son more in line with what he preferred.


I traveled many days to edge of the sea

Got on board a merchant ship, felt the ocean breeze

I sailed far away, far from my land

I never returned, nor got my true love’s hand.