Ouma Michael

Ouma Michael

 Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

My music is predominantly instrumental but occasionally has backup vocals. Its based on Ugandan traditional music meeting jazz and hence focuses on creating a new style or genre called Uga-Jazz. The style is a speech mode containing Ugandan consonants and western vowels.


Born in 1985 into the fisherman caste of the Samia tribe, whose heritage lies along the Uganda/Kenya border, Ugandan musician Ouma Michael is a rising figure in traditional and contemporary world music.

He began studying and playing music at an early age, inspired by his father, Oundo Masiga Titus. After studying Western music at Makerere College School, Ouma began investigating traditional Ugandan instrumentation. He then toured France and Spain with the Ugandan cultural troupe, Akadinda, in 2003.

Proficient on a variety of distinctive traditional instruments, Ouma's musical vision integrates Ugandan folk and contemporary music. As a guitarist, he has developed a unique playing style informed by the traditional rhythms and melodies of Ugandan roots music. Ouma is an active session artist and producer of studio and live events in Uganda.

Together with his long-time colleague and friend Kinobe Herbert, he founded the Ugandan band, SOUL BEAT AFRICA, playing world music fusion, blending African traditional instruments with modern sounds to create a beautiful new style.

He has worked with such musicians as Kaweesa Richard, Susan Kerunen, Sarah Ndagire, Isaiah Katumwa, Juliana Kanyomozi, Qwela, Iryn Namubiru, Angela Kalule, Blu 3, Tshila Sarah, and many others. He just released his debut self titled solo album in 2010.


Self titled debut solo album, Ouma Michael released in 2010