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Athens, Attica, Greece | SELF

Athens, Attica, Greece | SELF
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""I saw a young musician full of expression and emotion""

On Friday night while the whole country was in front of TV to watch the political musical of the month, I was heading to the Acropol theatre for the promising Al Di Meola and Michael Paouris’ music meeting.

... Al Di Meola mentioned his enthusiasm for his meeting on stage with Michael Paouris in Reims Jazz Festival and their 12 minutes impressive improvisation. He invited Michael and the clap was so loud that made me feel that the audience was there not only for the beloved Meola but for Michael Paouris’ performance as well. Nobody wanted to miss their "appointment".

... Michael Paouris was moved and with no trace of conceit, he talked about a great day for the bouzouki and himself. He performed his own compositions, balancing the skills of his great technique due to his speed, with the Jazz expression.

... when Al Di Meolas’ speech started with "not too fast, you’re crazy" everybody laughed and I started to believe that when musicians like Michael Paouris have so many potentials are better to be watched while improvising.

... I saw a young musician full of expression and emotion. Elements that can be traced in his hands "crazy" speed.

Vote for Michael and his chosen path with the greatest expectations from all of us !
- Avopolis.gr

""Phenomenon. The absolute talent in a musician 24 years old""

Michael Paouris: "Phenomenon. The absolute talent in a musician 24 years old".

Paouris deals with the bouzouki more than 13 years. He is considered to be "phenomenon" in the musical fixation. Just before he delivers us his first author's effort, he speaks to "Honline" for what else: music!

1. When did the music and the bouzouki enter your life?
M.P.: The music has always existed in my life. The bouzouki came in my life when I was 7 and still I do not know the reason, why and how.

2. From what age did you distinguish in the bouzouki?
M.P.: From 9 years old in an event that I was requested to perform a piece, but finally I played more than one with full orchestra. The musicians were excited as I became part of them immediately and they wouldn’t let me leave.

3. At school?
M.P.: My professors always said "awesome bouzouki" ! Obviously, they did not say anything for the degrees!!

4. Who taught you the bouzouki? In whom do you believe that you owe?
M.P.: In all my way I thank Manolis Michalakis. Today, I dedicate to him my first book. Of course, Diamantis Chiotis taught me as well. In Manolis I distinguished the elements that a teacher should have: modesty, respect in the student and responsibility of soul.

5. What is your book about?
M.P.: Firstly, this book reflects my own ideas for what the supplies of a bouzouki player should be today. They are all "My Notes" (title of book), on the music from the knowledge that I gained and those that I shaped and continue shaping after personal research.

6. What do you believe that it will offer to a new musician?
M.P.: It will give him an important base in order to build and to develop above it. The meaning of music is the development with permanent respect in the past.

7. When will we have it?
?.?.: After Easter I believe.

8. How many years do you work as a professional?
M.P.: I play professionally since I was 11 with the G. Katsaros, Th. Polykandriotis, M. Theodorakis (when I was 16), A. Chatzis, L. Alkaiou etc., concerts in all Greece and in concerts hall.

9. Special moment all this year?
M.P.: In my 17 I played in the Athens Voncert Hall pieces of Chatzidakis, Theodorakis and I strongly remember the stress I had. It was a big evening with a lot of responsibility but when you see the Chairman of Democracy applauding with admiration, first from all the others, you feel more comfortably. Another special moment was when I played in the opening ceremony of Olympic Games "Athens 2004".

10. It is said that you are "phenomenon" at your section. How was this resulted?
M.P.: I want to mark 2 characteristics that I had as student of conservatoire and obviously contributed in the characterization. Manolis Michalakis always called me phenomenon because all the exercises, of duration 3 min. each one, were delivered orally by him and I never had a recorder like the others . I could remember everything in their authentic delivery. The 2nd characteristic that contributed in the term phenomenon was my speed and particularly in pieces of requirements, not simply ones.

11. Does this characterization still follows you?
M.P.: Yes, and from foreigner musicians as well.

12. What do foreigner musicians hear from you?
M.P.: Everything that Greeks hear. The bouzouki in Jazz. The fact that I play Jazz is acceptable from most bouzouki players. Of course, it exists a portion of these musicians that does not accept it, perhaps because they can’t comprehend it.

13. Is this your revolution in the instrument?
M.P.: No, this is my thesis for the instrument. Chiotis left us the first stages of swing. We should begin from there and develop. The music with which I deal is the gypsy swing which in bouzouki is more difficult to approach than in the guitar because of the double strings and the homogeneity of sound that it requires.

14. What do you do now?
M.P.: I teach in the Conservatoire of Art G. Fakanas. A collaboration that honours me a lot.

15. What is your opinion about music?
M.P.: All we belong in the music but in a few it belongs. The music shows you the inaccessible value and the "place of" the sender.

16. I thank you very much.
M.P.: Thank you.

Interviewing:Gerasimos Karavias

- Hmerisia - Daily Newspaper

""Michael Paouris was equal to Al Di Meola and Peo Alfonsi""

... Maybe in the audience’s minds the concert belonged to Al Di Meola but it was mainly and fairly dedicated to Michael Paouris …

... Everyone was taken aback by their improvisation.

... He made us understand what the Jazz bouzouki means. His skills and speed are undeniable but the way he puts his instrument in a different frame, is undeniable as well.

... Michael Paouris was equal to Al Di Meola and Peo Alfonsi.

... Paouris’ vision was vindicated and "Mediterranean Sundance" was performed in a great remake.

... Michael choices will make him the most important Jazz musician for the future.
- Rocking.gr

""A Supersonic Bouzouki""

... He practices so much that his instrument’s strings need to be changed in a week ...

... Skilful players of the instrument call him "Phenomenon" ...

... His CV is full of great cooperations ...

... His dream is to include the bouzouki in the Jazz Fusion music ...

... The American virtuoso Al Di Meola begged him "Not too fast Michael". He didn’t lost his temper and 15.000 people deified him ...
- Ta NEA - Daily Newspaper


C.D. Single "Enarxis"
Released: November 2011

Feauturing: Manolis Mitsias

Self Production
Distribution: Artway - Technotropon

His second c.d. will be released until the end of 2012, by the label of Artway - Technotropon / Polytropon.



Michael Paouris was born in Tavros, a suburb of Athens. He began learning the bouzouki when he was 8 with Panagiotis Dourakis, an old player that performed with Tsitsanis, Chiotis, Bagianteras etc.

He began playing professionally when he was 12. His next teacher Manolis Michalakis recommends him in the composer G. Katsaros with whom he collaborated for a limited number of cincerts.

Simultaneously, he participates in the team of Nikos Danikas in "Stavros tou Notou" and in "Chamam" (2 of the most well known music venues in Athens). At the same time he participates in competitions of technique and interpretation and he wins the first place at Pan-Hellenic Rewards.

In his 15 Th. Polykandriotis selects him and he collaborates with him in a lot of concerts for 8 years.

He also performed at the the Athens concert hall in his 18, with a symphonic orchestra, music pieces of M.Theodorakis. In his 16, he performed live in M. Theodorakis' play, under the tilte "A life, Greece" with the well known greek singers.

During these years, he meets D.Chiotis, son of M.Chiotis, and he continues studying jazz and technical training as the continuity and development of the lessons that M.Michalakis gave him. His two teachers, broadened his musical horizons, teaching him moral lessons, the essential love to the music, the way that the natural development comes to the instrument and the essential development of spirit through the music as well.

Special moment is considered to be his attendance in the opening ceremony of Olympic Games "Athens 2004" in the music piece of Stavros Xarchakos.

He has been teaching students, professionals etc. from all over Greece, aiming at the even approach of music and the correct bases on technique issues based on material that results from his personal research since 2005. He has been working as a teacher in the CONSERVATOIRE of ART G.B. FAKANAS since 2010.

Nowadays, he performs with the Michael Paouris’ band in music and concert halls all over the world.

In November of 2011 he performed live in Greece with the world wide known guitarist Al Di Meola, receiving great reviews by the media and the audience.

A the same day his 1st cd single "Enarxis" and his 1st book "My notes" were released.

In May of 2012 he is performing in Athens with "The Rosenberg Trio", after his invitation, while he is preparing his second c.d., with his compositions, so as very interesting arrangements of classical greek songs, always is fusion jazz forms.