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Michael Parallax

Gainesville, Florida, United States | SELF

Gainesville, Florida, United States | SELF
Band EDM Gospel




"Favorites: Michael Parallax - Vicious People EP"

Florida’s Michael Parallax has done it again!! Last year his release Mountain blurred my vision and expanded my mind with his acid dripped excursions. He’s back filling my imagination with vibrant colors, rough landscapes, and torrid pasts with the Vicious People EP out now for any price (via bandcamp) and cassette (via Wonder Beard Tapes). He’s packing the heat again, but this time round its more robust and more impressive – which is saying something because I was pretty blown away the first time with Mountain. - Pasta Primavera


Sand. You are sand. You are the finest fragments of rock and glass. You, whom I would just as soon call my favorite addiction, are the grittiest, but to those of us that been here all along your touch is cool and soothing. You are a ghost. We are fragments of time in the wind, breezing like silt across your rippled spine. What is this collective sense? Lights pulse. Light pulses. It's one or the other. Everything halts. Stand still for a moment. Now all of it (us) are falling. Pi tch.

blac k.

Making wishes seems like a thing for children now. Ice is hanging from the ceiling. Words freeze in the air and sting like the cold of the air. We work like machines. We work machines. Are we machines? Breaks in the monotony have become addictive. I crave more. We are upon action. There should be a mission statement. - Get Off The Coast

"From A Parallel Universe"

Time travel has been a concept pondered about for quite a while now, and has been universally deemed as impossible to travel back in time in our world. The obvious reason for this is that you would cause ripples, or changes, when you came back to the future. For example, it’s possible for you have done something while in the past to cease your own existence. It’s possible you may have been the initial domino to cause the non-existence of an important event in history.

The parallel universe, however, is widely more accepted as a possibility for time travel. A universe that exists in another world, parallel to the Milky Way Galaxy. When this parallel universe is travelled to, the actions and experiences had there will not affect the alternate universe you reside in. They are the same, but they are not; a riddle is most nearly what time travel is.

Michael Parallax was sent from a parallel universe to bless us with computer generated sounds occasionally surrounded with the innocence of the mandolin and ukulele. He has recently released a digital EP here in our universe, called Cough Syrup EP, which features tracks of electronic psychedelia and heartfelt lyrics, some of them perhaps spawned from his childhood.

Michael has all of his work available for digital download at his blog, the song captured live in the video below is called Demons, off of his Ha Ha Hallelujah! EP.

I feel like I can see myself here
Holding a three dollar PBR illegally
Releasing my demons - Salad Fork

"Favorites: Michael Parallax - Mountain"

Here I am staring into the void waiting for some lone wanderer to saddle my ears into a early dawn escape from reality. Michael Parallax strolls in over the horizon on a make shift hovercraft fueled by brainwaves and syrup ready to whisk us both into a high speed race between Life and Life version 2.0. Quickly he pops in a cassette of x-ray vision as it begins to rain acid and sunshine. Looking back into the sunset I see a rainbow of purple and green as we skid into the finish line heralded by a team of casio organs and high top fades.

Florida’s Michael Parallax and his recent album Mountain make my imagination pulse and expand with every second of his sample filled desert space pop. You can grab the whole thing via his bandcamp along with a MASSIVE AMOUNT of other good music. Also stay up to date via his blog. Check a few mind benders right now: - Pasta Primavera

"Head Haunted"

Michael Bringardner comes from a family of jams out of a town oozing with innovation in their sounds and electronics. It’d be a challenge worth rising towards to collect all of the love we have for Florida and the ferocity of what is happening down South sonically, and Michael Parallax‘s Mountain is the perfect place to start being the latest release from our Spirit Cat friends following the release of his sister MoonLasso‘s powerful Lamplighter collection [hands down one of my most exciteable listenables] earlier this summer.

Mountain thrives in the echoes of collective memory, an introspective dance record whose melodies and production seem almost effortless to Mike at this point in a really fucking impressive catalog of releases. There are a few samples above, but you can download everything Parallax completely for free right here at his bandcamp. And peek at “Ghosts (Spirit Come In)” to catch the magic he can work with a familiar Animal Collective vocal melody, mmmmmm… - FMLY

"Michael Parallax"

Je me suis laissé embarquer dans l’ascension du « Mountain » de Michael Parallax sans aucun effort bien que j’en aie eu eu le souffle coupé. Ce n’est pas la première fois d’ailleurs que je gravis les toits du monde en sa compagnie comme en témoigne sa « longue » discographie sur son profil Bandcamp. Vous ne serez donc pas surpris, si vous me suivez, que je vous annonce que l’on retrouve Michael Bringardner sur le collectif Spirit Cat et que son nom de famille sonne comme terriblement familier avec Spirit Tramp. En tous les cas, un BIG LOVE to All The Young Guys of Oh Fortuna. Winter is smiling already…

I let myself go in the ascent of ‘Mountain’ by Michel Parallax, not hardly, although I was taken my breath. It is not the first time I climb on the world roofs with him as shown by his « long » discography available on his Bandcamp. You’ll not be surprise then when I tell you Michael Bringardner is part of the Spirit Cat organization and that his last name weirdly echoes Spirit Tramp. Anyway, BIG LOVE to All The Young Guys of Oh Fortuna. Winter is smiling already… - Delicious Scopitone


Going Other Places, Seeing Amazing Scapes, Learning New Names, 2007 [self-released EP]
The Dustpan Coughed Static, 2008 [self-released LP]
HEAAVY THINGS, 2008 [self-released EP]
ha ha hallelujah!, 2009 [self-released LP]
Cough Syrup, 2010 [self-released EP]
Mountain, 2010 [self-released LP]
Vicious People, 2011 [Wonder Beard Tapes EP]
DEMOns, 2011 [self-released LP]



I've been performing music under this moniker for the past 2 and a half years and along the way, I have have procured various lamps and christmas lights, confetti, costumes, masks, headdresses, trinkets and presents, which I incorporate into my live show. I try my hardest to involve the audience as much as I can. Live shows include: vocals, synth, guitar, looping, hootin' and hollerin', call and response, live sampling, trumpet, harmonica, glockenspiel, visualizations, lights, and donning of costumes.

My friends and I came up with a goal for the music we create: It should move people emotionally or physically or both. And I try my hardest to do both.

I feel super giddy that I've had the incredible opportunity to share the stage with: YACHT, Julian Lynch, Islands, Girl Talk, Millionyoung, Idiot Glee, Sumsun, Prince Rama, Birthdays, Viernes, Yip Yip, Vacation Dad, Gobble Gobble, Rich Aucoin, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Grand Buffet, 65 Days of Static, LEVEK, Birdfeeder, jamesDUNK, Videohippos, Teeth Mountain, Truman Peyote, and Casper & the Cookies.

I hope to someday we'll be able to be friends

Big Love,
Michael Bringardner