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Michael Pickens



Michael Pickens has been playing guitar for over 20 years in such diverse styles as rock, country, jazz, and even studying classical guitar in college. Most recently he could be seen playing for the New Hampshire based melodic rock band Eden's Lie from 2005-2006.

With his broad interest in many genres of music, Michael is currently pursuing oppurtunities as a freelance composer and session player.

Michael attained a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory from the University of New Hampshire. Michael enjoys writing for small ensembles and has composed pieces for string and woodwind quartets, and mixed ensembles. Recently he composed several pieces for a New Hampshire based subscription company's trade show video and is currently working on scoring a documentary (www.LaconiaStateSchoolDoc.com).


Free To Be Me

Written By: Michael Pickens and Bil Rogers

“Free To Be Me”
by Michael Pickens and Bil Rogers

Verse 1:
I packed my pride and my dreams in a suitcase held beside me
Waiting for the 12:30 to come and take me away
Leaving everything I thought I knew
Was so much easier when I got over you

I’ve got my live in my hands and the sun is shining
I’m finally back on my feet now that I am free to be me
I’m free to be me

Verse 2:
Outside my window landscapes roll on by
Reminds me of all that glitters ain’t always gold
But with my brand new eyes I now can see
That sometimes starting over is just want needs to be

I see my life and the promise of today
Nothing holding me back, I am free

Verse 3:
I woke up this morning not knowing where I was
When I thought for a second it all came back to me
‘Cause when I left you waving, “So long now!”
Tomorrow’s calling, don’t know where, the when, the how (but that’s alright!)

Thank god for my life and the sun is still shining
I got so much to give now - I am free

I’ve got my live in my hands and the sun is still shining
I’m finally back on my feet now I am free to be me

Packed my bags and tossed them in the back
Left the rest that I couldn’t pack
Don’t need the memories, don’t need the tears
And the fears that were holding me back