Michael Plishka

Michael Plishka

 Lake Villa, Illinois, USA

A synthesis of aerobic, percussive guitar chops, storytelling, looping technology and at times, sacred chant, Michael Plishka’s music is an evocative and powerful, image-rich synthesis of passions; non-traditional, alternative folk that has been likened to poetry set to music.

Band Press

Timeless Troubadour – Jennifer Layton, Indie-Music.com

Plishka throws himself completely into his stories, and his lyrics paint mythology and romance. In some places, the frenzied guitar strumming makes a joyful sound. Other songs, like "And the River Flows" and "Einstein's Time," are slow, contemplative and mystic. The experience of listening to "Spit, Sputter, Blow..." has a bit of magic to it. These songs are beautiful.

Live and Mesmerizing – Scott Conary,Open Eye Café, Carrboro, NC

Powerful, and evocative in a very non-traditional way. I tend to hear Jim Morrison-ish phrasings, though more comprehensible, and in a way that makes you feel the tunes in your gut.

Definitely a Keeper – Lorrie Duquette, Xtreme-Zone.com, January 2001

Capturing the real essence of the male mind, "Spit, Sputter, Blow…" moves from powerful impassioned, to sexy and unwittingly adorable. The strength of the music, the guitar, guides the listener thru the mind of one man's passions, feelings, and pain. The key to this Album is the raw and powerful voice of Michael Plishka, his melodies give the listener a real sense of reality, while keeping those catchy overtones left in your head, you will be walking down the street humming to "Seven Sisters". Definitely a keeper.

Excellent Album! – J.L. Bueno,La Otra Musica Program,Cadiz, Spain

An excellent album! ... you are receiving a great response from the audience. I play some cuts on every show.

Unique Production – Cathy Quinn,WTIP On-Air Coordinator/Folk Programmer, Grand Marais, MN

(The) CD…is very unique! The production work is top notch as well as (the) lyrics.

Simply Great! – Joe Kelley,The Upper Room, WVOF 88.5,Fairfield, CT

Great CD...Great Music.