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Michael P. Ryan

Syracuse, New York, United States | INDIE

Syracuse, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Mark Bialczak-Ryan Takes Charge"

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Syracuse musician Michael P. Ryan lined up plenty of the friends he's played with over the last decade as he put together his solo breakout CD "Ride Out."

For sure, Scott Ebner on accordion and mandolin; Rick Hayman, Ron Carbone and Conan on guitars; Lou Segreti on piano and organ; Brian Bird on sax; and Joe Rehbein on drums help mold the CD into a cool collection that surfs the worlds of rock, blues and country.

And then there's the work of Buddy Cage on pedal steel guitar. When Syracusan Ryan moved to the Midwest for a while, he met up with the guy who replaced Jerry Garcia in New Riders of the Purple Sage. Cage's sturdy wail on "Change Your Mind" paired with the silky sax of Bird sets up a pensive mood.

Even with all that able help, it's Ryan's pinnings that keep the spirits high. Primarily a bass player and backup vocalist, who's worked with Grind, Whiskey Mae and Conan & the Showdogs, Ryan shows he's ready to front a band and show off his original songs.

The best times include "Man on the Moon" with its sweet mandolin and woven vocal harmonies, and "Pretty Soon," a Midwestern rocker with a feel that brings the steady hand of Bob Seger to mind.

On the Internet: The Web site is www.MySpace.com/michaelpryan.com.
The CD release date is Tuesday March 20th . www.cdbaby.com/michaelpryan

- Syracuse Post Standard

"John Williams-CD Baby"

John Williams
This CD is amazing. A friend recommended it to me after picking it up at his album release party and i couldn't be more impressed! Hard to believe this is not a national release! I'm big into bands like Train, MB20 etc. and this ranks right up there with the best from either band! Can't take it out of my player!!!
- www.CDBaby.com/MichaelPRyan

"Buddy Cage"

Ryan didn't have to convince Buddy Cage
Posted by Mark Bialczak March 27, 2007 3:52PM
I broke bread with Michael P. Ryan at lunch, asking the singer-songwriter-guitarist the questions needed to build his upcoming feature box on our music scene page.

Ryan's debut CD as a solo artist is hot. To read my Post-Standard review of "Ride Out," click continue reading below.

In between bites, Ryan had a grand time describing to me just how he met legendary steel guitar player Buddy Cage, who joined him on the CD for the song "Change Your Mind."

Ryan's brother, Tommy Ryan, owns the Sterling Stage Kampitheater up north a bit. In 2001, Mike Ryan helped Tommy out be booking and promoting the Harvest Fest. Because the guy who replaced Jerry Garcia in New Riders of the Purple Stage was one on Tommy's favorites, Mike booked him to play with Grateful Dead cover band The DeadBeats.

"On Thursday night, in rolls Buddy Cage," Mike Ryan says. "He set up camp. He hung out. He told stories by the campfire."

As Ryan ran around pounding in stakes and doing all the last-minute things promoters must do, Cage tagged along and talked.

When the music started, Cage got an earful as Ryan played bass with the Dave King Band. Cage liked it. Ryan said he thought he had a solo album in him, and Cage agreed to take part when that time came.

Fast forward to late last year. Central New Yorker Pete Baird had played pedal steel on the early demo of the song, and Ryan figured it was the perfect vehicle for Cage.

Cage laid down his track in a New York City studio. Besides adding his wonderful country-rock sound, he gave Ryan advice.

"He told me the song was too long. He helped me with some re-arranging," Ryan says.

They've still kept in touch. Now Cage is trying to help Ryan's band by playing their songs on his Sirius Satellite Radio show. He might get them a gig opening for the New Riders of the Purple Sage, too.

This much is certain. Ryan's band is scheduled to play at 10 p.m. May 11 at Station 58 in Mattydale, and as part of the Inner Harbor Block Party on June 21. - Syracuse.com


Ride Out - 2007
Ima-Live!- 2008
Ghost in Getyysburg (single)July- 2009
Cashtown- 2010
Jamb Kitchen Records

Available @ www.cdbaby.com/MichaelPRyan

Michael P. Ryan- Ride Out (2007)

Michael P. Ryan- Ima Live! (2008)

Michael P. Ryan- Cashtown

Video Filmed entirely in historic Gettysburg, PA during the 2009 Reenactment July 3,4,5, 2009



Michael P. Ryan’s highly anticipated 2nd studio release “Cashtown” is a culmination of years spent on stages throughout the Northeast honing his craft along the way. Michael's music resonates with organic instrumentation, undeniable hooks and universal messages. The album features the guitar work of Texas resident and longtime guitarist for The Edwin McCain Band, Larry Chaney (whose playing can be heard on such hits as “I’ll Be” and “I Could Not Ask For More”) Larry took an active role bringing new textures and beautiful soundscapes to the foundations already laid down by longtime MPR Band rhythm section Joe Rehbein (drums) and Garret Knaub (bass). While laced with amazing string arrangements, vintage "Civil War" era horn sections and glorious gospel choirs, this music is still at it’s core southern influenced rock. With just one listen you are sure to find yourself… "Whistlin’ Dixie".

Suite Jennie Wade - 2010

Overture: Recorded, produced and co-written by: Mark Doyle
70 Violins, 10 Cellos, French horn and trumpet. Recorded in Boston, MA

This is a brief overview of the trilogy brought to life by the impeccable ear and vision of Mark Doyle. The music flows like a movie score, soaring and collapsing emotions throughout.

Onward Soldier: Written by Michael P. Ryan and Garrett Knaub

Billy Yank - A story about the Union brother’s struggles of leaving his wife, son and the only way of life he has ever known. His love of country leaves him no choice but to brandish arms and fight for liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. He was born in Virginia but soon found himself in upstate NY working his uncle’s apple orchard. Soon he would have his own orchard and a loving family. The war was calling at the same time his son was born. Without hesitation, he left to find his troop and fought courageously all the way to Gettysburg.

Ghost in Gettysburg : Written by: Michael P. Ryan

Johnny Reb – Born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia, Johnny was “mama’s boy”. He worked his family’s plantation with an iron fist. When the family incorporated multiple cotton gins they by far out produced every plantation in the south. It was only natural that he would lead a powerful artillery brigade in General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. He worked side by side with Edward Porter Alexander, commanding a powerful line of cannons at Pickett’s Charge. The first night in Gettysburg he came face to face with his brother on the outskirts of town near Blackhorse Tavern. They swore they would never speak of this and prayed for their mother before going their separate ways. Sadly, two days later, Billy would succumb to the cannon’s mouth under command of his brother. Johnny too was slain on this day, falling victim to the fateful charge that would decimate General Pickett’s troops in his most infamous battle. Johnny’s spirit is trapped in that bloody field to this day.

Look Away: Written by Michael P. Ryan

This is the saddest part of the story. After hearing of the devastation in Gettysburg, their mother travels to Pennsylvania to look for her sons. She finds them less than 1000 feet apart buried in shallow graves in the fields of Gettysburg. She frantically digs out both of them and brings their bodies’ home to be buried on the family’s land. Billy’s wife and son soon relocate to the south and begin the healing process amongst family. Both sons are sometimes heard whispering their mothers name in the empty sadness that encompasses the battlefields of Gettysburg.