Michael Quinn & The Virgin Suicides

Michael Quinn & The Virgin Suicides


With hints of Tom Petty, Van Morrison, and the Band, we stir up a fresh, sizzling cut of grisly but juicy Americana/roots rock. We've toured all over the midwest, east coast, and Europe on our own, and we're dedicated to the music and to the fans.


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** Finalist in the 2004 Zippo Hot Tour... stay tuned for more info.
** Won placement on the "Audiophile's Guide to the Twin Cities," voted by readers in an online poll at twincities.com, produced by Pioneer Press and MCAD of Minnesota. His track, "Virgin Suicides," garnered praise from Pioneer Press pop music critic Ross Raihala.

Years of drumming for bands such as the Whiskey Sournotes, the Regulars, and Speedway can make a great singer-songwriter of a man. Quinn follows in the footsteps of many other great drummers turned singer-songwriters: Dave Grohl, Don Henley, and more recently, Pete Yorn. Never mind the drumming, though. For those of you yet unacquainted with Quinn, you’ll soon discover that it’s all about the songs.

Quinn first recognized his life path as a musician when he was four years old. His grandmother took him to the Grand Ole Opry to see Johnny Cash- and from that moment on, music was his life. Quinn moved to Minneapolis in 1986 to start drumming with his first band, Thought Factory. He went on to drum for some of the area’s most popular bands, including the Whiskey Sournotes, Mandrake Scream, the Regulars, Speedway, the Cogs, and more; all the while he was learning guitar and studying the craft of songwriting. He traveled all over the United States and Ireland as a musician and earned a music degree from MusicTech in Minneapolis in 1992. It wasn’t until just before the turn of the century that he finally decided it was time to perform his own songs.

Now, after five years on the road as an acoustic musician, Quinn has recorded his first EP, the impressive and always honest “sushi, sex , music,” with production by Bernie Larsen (Spinout Records, Cry on Cue, Melissa Etheridge), and with musical appearances by Bernie Larsen and Eric Koskinen.

“sushi, sex, music” (named after Quinn’s three favorite things in the world, in no particular order) features seven songs that have been compared to Tom Petty, Van Morrison, and the Band… it is the honesty that rings true on each and every song, from his soulful singing, to his frank lyrics, to his timeless song structures.

Quinn’s live shows are equally honest- not to mention an all out good time. Whether he performs solo or with his band, he is always engaging and having a great time, giving his all for every single note of every single song. This is something every person in the audience can feel. He cares about his music, he has a great time, and so does the audience.

A national CD release is planned for late summer 2004, followed by a tour in support of “sushi, sex, music.” Check out www.everysecretthing.com for more information.



Written By: Michael Quinn

So you think you got an attitude, well alright
Think you’re pretty high up in latitude, but wait
What about compassion and gratitude, let’s stop
The circle of isolation, or maybe you like the abrasion

It seems that you don’t feel, but I know your deal
You’re a woman with feelings, and maybe you’ve been hurt
So haven’t we all. Don’t stall
There’s so much hate in this town,
all she really wanted was a friend to kill some time

So you think you’re a rock star or a porn star
You think you’re gonna go far
And maybe you are
But what’ll it get you in the end

‘Cause everybody wants to be accepted
Nobody wants to be rejected
So why don’t you open up and let somebody in

‘Cause when you end up in your grave
I hope the connections you’ve made
Are worth the feelings you saved
Because when you come back again
It’ll be the same

So you think you got an attitude, well alright.

Three Rings

Written By: Michael Quinn

When they first met, she said she’d be around forever
But now she’s gone and he still wears three rings around his finger
One ring for him, one ring for her, and one for ties that can’t be severed

Now comes the part where he breaks down
Lips grow cold and form a frown
Still, he will not put her down

There’ll be no more violence
Just the overwhelming silence
Of a melancholy clown

Gathering winkles on the shore
Makin’ love outside the castle door
A Lady’s view he won’t forget

He took it all for granted, honestly shocked, when she recanted

Now comes the part where he breaks down
Lips grow cold and form a frown
Still, he will not put her down

There’ll be no more violence
Just the overwhelming silence
Of a melancholy clown

Country Girls

Written By: Michael Quinn

She was drinkin’ Boone’s Farm and choppin’ wood.
I said, “there ain’t no farm girls in my neighborhood.”
She said, “You’re a sight for jaded eyes…
No agenda, no alibis.”

There’s somethin’ ‘bout this high-tech world
There’s somethin’ ‘bout the simple life
Thank God for Country Girls

She picked me up in a monster truck.
She said, “Hey baby, do you wanna …?”
She said, “Let’s live a life of sin.”
She said, “I won’t tell anybody where you been.”


She takes me fishin’ way back in the woods.
She’s a magician when she’s under my hood.



sushi, sex, music 2004
audiophile's guide to the twin cities, 2004 (produced by MCAD and the Pioneer Press.)

Set List

Virgin Suicides (o)
Attitude (o)
Country Girls (o)
Three Rings (o)
Conspirators (o)
Ribbone (o)
Pandora's Box (o)
Barbie (o)

K15 (o E)
Black Butterfly (o E)

Georgia Rae
Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Mercury Blues

we do everywhere from a 45 minute original set to a full evening including a few covers from John Hiatt, Elvis Costello, and the Rolling Stones.