Michael Rayner

Michael Rayner

 North Hollywood, California, USA

His comedy has been described as a cross between Robin Williams and Steve Martin! This unique stand-up act includes tidbits from Michael's life as a father and husband of a brit, as well as such tricks as: balancing a wheelbarrow on his chin and spinning a cheeseburger on an umbrella!


Michael hails from Goodrich, Michigan about an hour from Detroit. In his youth Michael's hobbies were avoiding the bullies and pretending to be sick so as not to be near the bullies. He also liked Red Wing Hockey. He started in the Comedy game at Flint Michigan's automobile themed amusement park, Autoworld. They provided the park and he provided the amusement. Michael soon left Flint and worked amusement parks around the country including Six Flags over Georgia, Universal Studios Florida and Knott's Berry Farm in California.
While in Florida, Michael met his British wife. Together they wrote the show Where are the Hands? which toured Canada. They then paid a visit to friends in Los Angeles and never left. Los Angeles that is, they know not to stay past their welcome. Michael is thrilled that he makes his living by doing funny things and getting paid.

When not performing, Michael has written for E! Entertainment Televison, The Gameshow Network, Nickelodeon and The Spark Factory. Michael just recently became a finalist in the online writing competition Scriptapalooza.

Michael has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Extreme Gong Show and Sesame Street. He is a favorite of Nickelodeon Television having performed his antics on What Would You Do? and Nick Arcade. He frequently pops up in TV commercials (he played the hapless gas station attendant who tries to take a photo of Elvis) and has appeared with Ringo Star, Jane Seymour, and Anthony Quinn promoting worthwhile products. Maybe his proudest achievement was having Frank Sinatra personally approve him to promote his compilation cd for a Capitol Records commercial.
Michael performs locally at Magicopolis, Luna Park, Masquers, and The Kindness of Strangers.

He has also done warm-up for such sitcoms as, That '70s Show, Dharma and Greg, Then Came You, Two Guys and a Girl, Raising Dad, Two of a Kind, One of the Guys and The Secret Lives of Men.

Michael performs not only with, but for the stars: Billy Bob Thorton, Laura Dern, Charlton Heston, Donny and Marie, Peter Jennings, Tommy Lasorda, John Dahl.

His show is timeless and appeals to all ages.

Set List

Headliner Set- 60 minutes. Featuring the chicken towel, the spinning cheeseburger, the wheel barrow on the face (Yes on the face!) Guest appearance by Sly Stallone (a doll) and more about vegas, potty training fatherhood and a guy who's daughter thinks he teaches squirrels.

Emcee and feature Sets also alvailable.

This show is timeless and appeals to all ages.