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Michael Rayner

North Hollywood, California, United States

North Hollywood, California, United States
Band Comedy Christian


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"Salt Lake City CC Redwood Campus"

Mr Michael was cracking us up. I laughed so hard till my eyes was flooded with tears.

Kimmy Nyguen, Student on Campus Activities Board

- 09/18/09

"Komedy Klub"

Michael exceeded our expectations and made even the toughest crowd laugh hysterically. We definetly want him back! - Jordan Baker

"Ice House Reference"

MICHAEL RAYNER is a comedian with such self assurance that he will be seen in public working with a parasol. What a guy!

In the 18 years that I owned and operated The Ice House, a world famous club in Pasadena, California, I had the pleasure of seeing, and hiring, for the first time and in their formative states, funny persons such as Steve Martin, Gallagher, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Pat Paulsen, Gabe Kaplan, Lily Tomlin and on and on. The Comedic Heavens opened up and rained comedy talent upon The Ice House.

All these destined-to-be-stars shared specific traits with MICHAEL RAYNER. First, they were unique. They had an angle that only they employed for the enjoyment of their audiences. Second, they were genuinely funny. Not "laugh track funny" but amazing hang onto every move and word funny. Funny from the first moment on stage to the last of the finale. And, yes, there is a finale...he does not slink from the stage he exits triumphantly. Thirdly, he works "television clean." That means he has plenty of material and can work to all ages and sensitivity. And lastly he has that sense of celebrity...when he is on stage it is impossible to look away. All eyes and ears are attuned to what he is doing.

MICHAEL RAYNER has it all...physical humor, timing, mastery of the amusing spoken word, unreal juggling skills and that "certain feeling" that this is going to be a big star. You are caught between asking for his autograph and taking him home to meet the family and have lunch.

I am using him on my stage every time I get an opening. My audiences go nuts over him. They pour out of the show room spewing his praises. I want to be known as the booker who got him when the getting was good. Join me.

BOB STANE/Bob Fisher
The Ice House and The Coffee Gallery Backstage

- The Ice House

"Backstage West"

Rayner is funny when he's good, funnier when he's less than good (Juggling) dropping a gadget or losing a battle against a prop...

As with the best magicians-indeed, as with the best performers--it's not the difficulty of his tricks but the way he delivers those tricks that make him endearing and engaging. - Backstage West

"LA WEEKLY Review (Michael Rayner)"

Comic magician (juggler/comic) Michael Rayner has an act that nearly defies description. Both eager to please and fiercely self-deprecating, he purveys an accentric line of patter and performs astonishingly outlandish feats. He juggles a tennis rackets between two sticks while balancing a large wheel barrow on his chin, and in a startling finale spins a McDonalds Hamburger on a Japanese parasol until it self destructs from sheer centripetal force. All in all, it's a witty, light hearted and consistently diverting show. - LA WEEKLY

"Review (Comedian Michael Rayner)"

I guarantee you won't find a more diverting and enjoyable evening of original entertainment elsewhere. - NOHO>LA

"Michael Rayner performs comedy for students"

On March 10 at 8pm, Michael Rayner performed for UT Permian Basin students with tricks and jokes. The Program Board put on
the event and raffled-off a digital camera. Many students were asked to assist Rayner in the tricks that he
performed, including The Mesa Journal’s Jay Gorania. UT Permian Basin student Cory Hinkley said that he enjoyed the event, and that that the highlight of the performance for him was “when [Rayner] spun the burger on the umbrella.” Students Lori Gunner
and Mike Wheeler enjoyed Rayner’s tricks, Gunner said that
“Rayner was funny, using reactionary wit to make the juggling skill even more impressive.”
- The Mesa Journal- UT Permian Basin

"UT Martin Students Review Rayner"

Michael came in early to do a teaser at lunch and got everyone excited about the show! Michael and his show had so much energy, we can't wait to have him back.
- UT Martin

"Corporate Review"

Michael was fabulous. He was great with both the kids and adults. I'd reccommend him anytime.

Seattle Mortage Co. - Seattle Mortgage


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Michael hails from Goodrich, Michigan about an hour from Detroit. In his youth Michael's hobbies were avoiding the bullies and pretending to be sick so as not to be near the bullies. He also liked Red Wing Hockey. He started in the Comedy game at Flint Michigan's automobile themed amusement park, Autoworld. They provided the park and he provided the amusement. Michael soon left Flint and worked amusement parks around the country including Six Flags over Georgia, Universal Studios Florida and Knott's Berry Farm in California.
While in Florida, Michael met his British wife. Together they wrote the show Where are the Hands? which toured Canada. They then paid a visit to friends in Los Angeles and never left. Los Angeles that is, they know not to stay past their welcome. Michael is thrilled that he makes his living by doing funny things and getting paid.

When not performing, Michael has written for E! Entertainment Televison, The Gameshow Network, Nickelodeon and The Spark Factory. Michael just recently became a finalist in the online writing competition Scriptapalooza.

Michael has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Extreme Gong Show and Sesame Street. He is a favorite of Nickelodeon Television having performed his antics on What Would You Do? and Nick Arcade. He frequently pops up in TV commercials (he played the hapless gas station attendant who tries to take a photo of Elvis) and has appeared with Ringo Star, Jane Seymour, and Anthony Quinn promoting worthwhile products. Maybe his proudest achievement was having Frank Sinatra personally approve him to promote his compilation cd for a Capitol Records commercial.
Michael performs locally at Magicopolis, Luna Park, Masquers, and The Kindness of Strangers.

He has also done warm-up for such sitcoms as, That '70s Show, Dharma and Greg, Then Came You, Two Guys and a Girl, Raising Dad, Two of a Kind, One of the Guys and The Secret Lives of Men.

Michael performs not only with, but for the stars: Billy Bob Thorton, Laura Dern, Charlton Heston, Donny and Marie, Peter Jennings, Tommy Lasorda, John Dahl.

His show is timeless and appeals to all ages.