Michael Rockstar

Michael Rockstar


Michael Rockstar is an odd bird: a musical comedian. What’s more: He’s actually pretty funny. It’s not necessarily his Adam Sandler-esque folk songs that make Rockstar a hit, though; it’s his charming demeanor, his broad smile and the fact that he is always himself—and loving it.


Michael Rockstar is a musical comedian. Hailing originally from Los Angeles, and currently living in Portland, Oregon, Michael's music is as diverse and interesting as the places he has resided. "I spent time in Asia, teaching English in rural China and hanging out in Thailand - I played shows twice a week for people who had no idea what I was saying. It forced me to become a much more involving entertainer," says Michael. Growing up in a musical family, Michael is no stranger to the industry. His father Marc Wolin was in the successful Los Angeles-based band Wheeze in the early 70s and continues to perform and produce various acts through his company, Sedona Records, of which Michael is a part. Experienced and prolific, Michael has written and performed music since the age of 11, and, after graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Music, Sound Recording, and Media Arts, Michael has embarked upon an artistic journey unlike his previous endeavors, or those of his musical comrades. "I'm working on a masterpiece," he says. A delightful combination of rock, folk, pop, comedy, and dialogue, Michael's charismatic appeal is most evident at his live performances.



lyrics can be found at www.michaelrockstar.com

Written By: Michael Rockstar

lyrics can be found at www.michaelrockstar.com

lyrics can be found at www.michaelrockstar.com

Written By: lyrics can be found at www.michaelrockstar.com

lyrics can be found at www.michaelrockstar.com


Written By: Michael Rockstar


Sha la la la la Sha la la la Sha la la la la Sha la la
Sha la la la la Sha la la la Sha la la la la koala

Koalas have fingerprints just like human beings
They don’t rob banks so don’t worry a thing

They sleep all day and play all night
They have sharp teeth but do not bite like Dracula la la koalas

Koala means no drink in Aborigines
They get their liquids from the eucalyptus leaves

They hump all day in the trees
Koala bears do get STD’s (it’s true)

Sha la la la la Sha la la la Sha la la la la Sha la la
Sha la la la la Sha la la la Sha la la la la koala

Teflon (demo)

Written By: Michael Rockstar

How did russian win the 84 olympics...?
it was built by NASA and now i fell verry.... about NASA

Teflon was designed to bring spaceships to earth but i don't understand that and don't act like yu do!!!

Maybe i am just paranoid but who will laugh last when I avoid Teflon
it may cause cancer,
it's a grey area,
get me out of this fear
it's ruining my life.

You may say it cooks great eggs i woukld say i beg to differ you may say it cooks a good omellllettte
that's not true AND it's a lie

I heard they are using TEFLON in china and in china they are using Teflon.

My national security is threat.....

If i was a dancer i'd put teflon on my soles to slide across a ballet floor or up and down a pole. untill that day i'll have to say..........

The Sausage Song

Written By: michael rockstar

3 months in the mail that's a long time when it got to china the cinese did not know what to do.
Cuz.. the opened up that package and they lookeded inside they wondered what it was.. could it really be food?

When i got that package it was from my gradparent.
It took three months to get to me they it in ocotber and by the looks of it you wonder if my granparents were sober.

They sent a sausage to china for a grandson.
because they love him. they thought he would want one.

I did not know what to do when i got the sauseage because i was a vegetarion and that really is true but i felt bad so i ate a little bit it also had some crackers and some smoked oysters.

I love you grandma and grandpa


Michael Rockstar has released one Album
Self - Titled Michael Rockstar.
He has also worked with pdx 49 Fox news as a musical street performer.
Please visit

www. youtube.com/michaelrockstarvideo

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Set List

It is hard to describe a typical set list. The sets are improv. Please check out a recent article from the Willamete Week. It explains much.

go to: http://localcut.wweek.com/2007/02/21/the-good-the-bad-and-the-funny/