Mikki Ross

Mikki Ross


‘THE MICHAEL ROSS SHOW’ is Michael playing piano and singing his own original songs live, accompanied by a laptop busting out additional electronic instruments which Michael prepares earlier. All this is done inside the framing of a portable theatre. A showman not to be missed!


Michael Ross has spent the last 19 years inventing, performing and recording music. His experience includes every colour of the musical spectrum.

As a boy soprano, Michael was a born performer. From the age of 4 years, Michael learnt to play music by ear on his Nanna’s piano, sang in gospel choirs, performed in church musicals and jumped on the trampoline whenever he got the chance.

Michael Ross (the ‘Human Symphony’) has tackled many musical adventures. He was a singing missionary in Fiji at age 15. He joined and wrote songs for an Australian pop music Boy Band called D’BOYZ at 19. ‘Morkal’ then began a popular Junk Band (jazz / funk) with 4 very close mates called Friendship Audio. They played alongside groups including Elixer, The Informants, The Boat People and Elation. They are still played on radio in the Northern Territory today.

Michael's performance transcends quirky animated snippets from the depths of Logan in Brisbane's south, to heartfelt and dynamic songs about living life to the fullest. As a songwriter, Michael has received awards for his work from the Australian Songwriter's Association. Michael was selected from the finest talent in Brisbane (including Kate Miller-Heidke and the Rock'n'Roll Circus) to perform at the opening of the Brisbane Powerhouse. Throughout his life, Michael has toured, performed and created work both as a solo act and in collaboration with other artists and musicians.

From pre-school to pro-tools, Michael Ross has only had one thing on his mind - entertaining everyday people with gifted music that is laced with medicine for the modern mind. Every note from voice box to groove box, is crafted by just one musician. A showman not to be missed.


"Human Sonata" debut EP due for release January 25th 2008.

Set List

Michael plays classical/soul piano ballads and sideways pop songs accompanied by self-produced electronic arrangements.

Some of Michael's original repertoire would include:

Symphony to Me
Start the Song Again
The Mongrel in Me
Token Pop

Michael delivers a full one-man stage-show theatre production. Performance times range from 50-80 minutes.