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Michael Ruris


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Socks and Shoes

Written By: Michael Ruris

What your'e telling me, I think it's bizarre.
The way you're lookin' when you're drivin' my car.
Now you're slapping me , the rides gettin' funky.
The way you're screechin' now you sound like a monkey.

I got desire.
You got the fire.
I got impailed.
You got the nails.

Move toward your horizon, the doors are open.
You've got everything, your ready to go.

What you're telling me, I think that you're mad.
You say you can't do this and you can't do that.
Don't go telling me no more of your lies.
I feel like breakin' out of one of my minds.

Feet in the sky,
Head on the ground,
You're underneath the tables and you bumpin' around.
There's no time to blunder, your'e ready to go.
Grab you're socks and shoes, you're ready to go.

I didn't realize that you were a schemer.
But you're attitude's much more like a lemur.
The things I see you taking so much delight in.
All this kickin', scratchin', grabbin' and bitin'.

You're pullin' my hair.
this fight isn't fair.
I turn around, you stop and throw your hands in the air.

You got everything you're ready to go.
Grab your socks and shoes you're ready to go....