Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents
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Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Rock Blues


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"Top 10 regional CD's of 2010"

"Michael Schaefer–Murray Presents..." (Independent/SMS Music)

Northwest Indiana's Michael Schaefer–Murray is one of the region's best kept secrets and it's time to let that secret out.

MSM's debut CD, "Michael Schaefer–Murray Presents...", is a 14–track collection that showcases a truly amazing, young guitar talent. Blues, jazz, rock influences collide through the fingers of this gifted virtuoso. Schaefer–Murray composed all of the songs here and employs a smooth vocal style, but it's his guitar playing that most impresses and will be his ticket to the big time.

These tunes are wrapped in top shelf packaging with images of timeless players who clearly have influenced this amazing young man. Highlights: "For You My Love," "When I Say I Love You," "When We Are Done." - Northwest Indiana Times

"Sea of Tranquility - Ryan Sparks"

Murray, Schaefer, Michael: Michael Schaefer- Murray Presents

It's always nice to know that the next generation of up and coming musicians understands the true essence of what 'real' music is all about. In other words, they've combed through their parents' record collection and done all their homework. So they get it, and they're not afraid to proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, and in the case of Indiana based guitarist / vocalist Michael Schaefer- Murray, on the front cover of their CDs as well. Adorned with the black and white images of such legendary six stringers as Clapton, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt, you can sense that the kid's heart is in the right place before you've even heard a single note. On his debut release entitled Michael Schaefer–Murray Presents he displays both a wide range of influences, as well as versatile set of chops over the course of these fourteen self penned and socially conscious compositions.

One minute Murray is reaching back to the bouncy funk and wah-wah drenched soul of Jimi's Band of Gypsy's on "For You My Love", "Control Our Attraction" and "Falling From The Sky", and the next thing you know he's tearing into a ferocious slow blues on the seven minute "When I Say I Love You". The listener is only going to need to hear a few tracks to determine that Murray certainly has all the skills at hand to be a truly formidable player, and yet what's refreshing is that you never get the feeling that there are any superfluous solos or an over abundance of guitar pyrotechnics on display here. It's clear that he's all about the song first and foremost. However, if there is one significant area that needs improvement it would have to be in the vocal department. You can tell that he's one hundred percent genuine and that he's singing from his heart, but what he really needs to do is to add a bit more flavor and especially power to his overall delivery because that's really the only thing holding him back at this point. That being said, Presents is a rock solid opening statement that proves that Michael Schaefer- Murray's star is clearly on the rise.

Track Listing
1) Visitors
2) For You My Love
3) Control Our Attraction
4) Mirror Of Relationship
5) Unique Needs
6) Is It Always Noble
7) When I Say I Love You
8) Solar Reception
9) Falling From The Sky
10) I Don't Want My Love To Hide
11) My Heart Needs Healing
12) Now She's Dead
13) When We Are Done
14) Take Off - Sea of Tranquility

"Tom Lounges - NWI Times (Oct 14, 2010)"

"The dexterity of Michael Schaefer-Murray's digits has had tongues waggin with praise around the region for the last few years.

That said, I'm not alone in excited anticipation of MSM's debut CD, "Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents...," a 14-track collection of original compositions. The front cover is adorned with images of some of the string-benders who have influenced MSM over the years - Clapton, King, Berry, Beck, Hendrix, Collins, Kinsey and Johnson - with more heros on the inside jacket -- Winter, Page, Allman, Buchanan and others.

Such art on the outside of an album is bold, for it leaves high expectations for what lies within. And happily, this young Hoosier comes through with songs and playing that honors the gifted gents whose spirits inspired the creation of this collection."
- NWI Times


Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents



TO BEST GET TO KNOW THE MUSIC OF MICHAEL SCHAEFER-MURRAY, please visit www.michaelsmpresents.com.
Michael Schaefer-Murray's love affair with the guitar began when he was 2 years old and watched the story of his first guitar hero: Richie Valens in "La Bamba". Michael first performed on his 3rd birthday, playing his new "guitar", singing "Oh Donna". Michael rediscovered the guitar at age 13, playing oldest brother Martin's guitar. At the age of 14 Michael received his first guitar, which he still plays.

Playing with his 2 brothers in the band Planetary Blues while still in his teens, Michael played many noteworthy performances, including the Chicago Blues Fest, the 35th anniversary of Special Olympics at Grant Park in Chicago and also shared the stage with some of the finest blues musicians the Chicago Blues scene offers, including the Kinsey Report and the late great Son Seals. Michael has clearly been influenced by the foundation of American musical culture, especially its unique heritage, the blues. From 2000 through 2009, Planetary released 4 CD's.

As a result of Michael's consuming ambition to become the consummate guitar player/entertainer, Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents was formed in fall 2010, with Michael featured on guitar, vocals, and original composition; brother Bobby on bass and Nick Evans on drums. Michael's debut album, "Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents", was engineered, mixed and produced solely by Michael, and was released October 15, 2010. The CD features musical genres ranging from America's musical heritage, the blues; to rock and roll; classic rock; R & B and others. More CD's, including an all blues CD, are being recorded.

Michael's purpose is not to sway the listener into any one particular genre. Rather, his purpose is to nourish the listener's subjective musical experience.
In Michael's words: "My mission is to inspire a new generation to discover the roots of American music, because I believe that American music is the strongest foundation of American culture."

You will need no convincing that Michael Schaefer-Murray is an outstanding guitarist. This is the very first thing that will catch your attention. Great athletes are "all ball, all the time", and Michael is without a doubt "all guitar, all the time". But the listener will notice that Michael does not merely present guitar composition. Michael does not make an attempt to blow you away with acrobatic displays as if they stand alone on their own merit. No, Michael does much better. Michael Schaefer-Murray presents song.

Michael's guitar is his orchestra. In the end it is the vehicle that delivers his message. Michael Schaefer-Murray has something to say. Your ear is the canvass. His paintbrush is his guitar. Michael presents the very essence of inspiration and encouragement through his songs. He presents us with a true gift; music that flows from a deep source.