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Michael Scott


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Written By: Michael Scott

(Verse 1)
I was raised in the haze of a small town way down in the South
Under the shade of a big magnolia tree
And though I never knew what a silver spoon felt like in my mouth
I knew what it felt like to be free
My granddad was a working man damn near all his life
He built his farm on blood, tears, and sweat
I spent my summer days bailing hay with him by my side
And that summer sun beatin’ on my neck
So I was just a little confused when I heard the news
That the men on top were broke, and we must bear their yoke
Oh no, I don’t think so

They need a bale out in a hay field
On a summer day in the south
They can learn what the workin’ man life is all about
They need a hand out so let’s help ‘em up
Into the bed of a pickup truck
And my granddad will haul ‘em ‘round the farm
And they can stack that bale out in the barn

(Verse 2)
There’s a man up on Wall Street and livin’ in a high rise
He’s had a life of wealth and luxury
But his whole world came crashin’ down in the blink of an eye
And now he needs some help from folks like you and me
He’s beggin’ for a baleout, askin’ for a handout
He says he’s sorry and I agree
But I think I know just what he needs

He needs a bale out…

Now I know it’s gonna hurt
But thank God this is still the USA
And if you don’t wanna work
Then this is what I say

(Chorus) You need a bale out…
(Chorus) They need a bale out…

Michael Scott