Michael Scott

Michael Scott


Michael Scott is one of country music's most entertaining artists. His show could be described as modern country rock, with a very high energy live show that is extremley versitale and audience oriented.


Michael Scott grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin. His parents who were orginally from Nashville, TN introduced him to country music at an early age.
Michael started singing at age 9. Michael became a local DJ in Milwaukee at age 13. Michael worked as a DJ for many years, where he fine tuned his performance skills. Michael has performed and worked with several major label acts, and is currently touring.


Southern Style

Written By: Michael Scott

We don't wear overalls
but we live in the sticks
you better be a friend
if your calling us hicks
we like loud guitars
and bar b ques a little sweet tea and some mountain dew
if you don't understand
then get a grip
your about to take a trip

we get loud and rowdy
wicked and wild
a little bit out of hand
that's southern style
we like a little of this
and a little of that
don't you dare say a thing
about this hat
this ain't the blair witch project
let it be understood
a whole lot of people get lost
in these woods

up every morning
at the break of day
when the sun goes down
it's time to play
fire up the trucks
crank the systems loud
cruise the square
raise hell in town

repeat chorus


Round Here
Southern Style
Long Road
Damn Memories
Bring It On
She Loves Me Like A Woman
Ray Ray's Juke Joint

Set List

60 to 90 minutes some covers mostly original multiple sets and additional cover tunes are available when nesessary and approved by artist management.
Here Is an example set list

Round Here
Southern Style
Bring It On
I Call It Living
Take It Easy
The Chair
Another Side Of You
I Don't Do Love
Find Out Who Your Friends Are
Lot Of Leaving
Beer In Mexico
Real Good Man
The Joker
He Stopped Loving Her Today
Alright Now
Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy
All My Friends Say
Sweet Home Alabama
Gimme Three Steps
Brick House
Play That Funky Music
Looks Like Rain
Make Believe
Renegade Angel
Honky Tonk Badonka Donk
Ice Ice Baby
Wild Thing
Hard To Handle
Purple Rain
Every Rose Has It's Thorn
Don't Make Me
Long Road
Sit Here And Drink
I Can't Live It Down
Honey I'll Bring The Heat
Ray Ray's Juke Joint
Leaving And Gone
What Are The Chances
Working Man
The Fireman
Hank Done It This Way
Ramblin Fever
Something Like That
Don't Happen Twice
Break Down