Michael Semora

Michael Semora


Michael Semora is a roots musician exploring the boundaries of blues, folk, and country, with a dash of celtic for 3 decades. With acoustic guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and slide, Michael has played gigs across the USA and has now landed in England to spread the word!


Michael Semora is an artist that has been defying boundaries since he was a young boy. His musical endeavours began with just an acoustic guitar, and have since formed a body of work that has spanned 3 decades. He found that at an early age he had a natural ability for being a tunesmith. He has explored the hard rock, rhythm & blues, industrial and funk scenes, with folk, country and celtic elements having played their roles. He has now come full circle to meet with his native Texas roots. His latest work can only be described as unique. These almost familiar tunes seem to get under your skin after a couple of listens. "There is something very organic about the troubadour..." he tells us. And organic it is: wood, strings & voice, (and a touch of harmonica and slide), come together to bring stories of the past and hope for the future.


Big Engine - One Fine Day
Blazon- Blazon
Fuzzly Logik - A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle
Michael Semora - Someday