Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro

 Redondo Beach, California, USA

Extra! TV show is feated Shapiro as "one to watch" for 2006 ...


Michael Shapiro, born in San Jose, raised in Las Vegas, and now residing in Portland, Oregon, picked up his first guitar at 13.

Shapiro was only 16 when he had an opportunity to jam with Bruce Springsteen, an event that changed his life forever. He was encouraged to pursue a career in music from that moment on Â…

After stints in cover bands in his teens, Shapiro formed the band Trip, released a cd, and toured the country.

It was during a gig in Rhode Island on February 21, 2003 when Trip opened for a band called the Great White that Shapiro went through a life-changing experience that shook his soul to its core. On that evening at the Station nightclub, 96 concertgoers died in a horrible fire. The tragedy of that one night perhaps more than any other moved Shapiro to reflect deeply on life.

Shapiro has jumped back into the fray with his EP "Everything" with impassioned and soulfully crafted rock grooves. He's currently touring the NASCAR circuit as part of the NASCAR Regional Racing.com's "Emerging Artist Series". Shapiro is also being featured on Extra! TV as "One to Watch in 2006".



Written By: Michael Shapiro

There's a part of me that wants to terrorize everything
I can't deny it, that there's something
Something tempting me
I close my eyes, but I still see
I still see everything
Do I pretend as if nothing happened

CHORUS: What to do, do I do, do I keep it all inside
Who's to say if I should say I think I'll say it anyway
And where to go and when to go
And how I get there I don't know
But if there's one thing out of it all
I'll never lose hope

So where's everyone going, in such a hurry
We should stop and smell the rose
Is something wrong here, should I be worried
I couldn't help but notice
All the long faces, in the wrong places
do I pretend as if nothing happened

which way do I go
does anybody know
somebody throw me a life preserver out and help
we all fall down, eventually
it's inevitable
it's all around
you can try to avoid it
but that's not always allowed
and if you're up to your neck in it
don't worry, its only for awhile
just pretend as if nothing happened

What I Am

Written By: Michael Shapiro

She lies down right here beside me
thinking she can confide in me
Life ain't what it's cracked up to be
well the sun sets even on a rainy day
words said may not be what was meant
i don't knojw what it is

It's all that I have
You gotta take me for what I am

People lying all the time now
Truth ain't something that is still around
Can't let it get the best of me
now I"m fed up though it ain't worth much
not tough maybe just a little rough
The surface ain't what it seems
Seems I'm let down everytime I reach out
Reach only if I knew how, why, where, when am I gonna figure it out

Somehow, Someway

Written By: Michael Shapiro

Somehow someway
through it all I found my way
I've been high, I've been low & now I finally know

CHORUS: Inside of me, it's all I need
Inside of me is everything I'll ever need

Sometimes I find
the hard times keep me down
I've been wrong, I've been right
I nearly lost my mind

It's somewhere, it's unfair
I've learned to live with pain
I've been lost, I've been found
I've turned it upside down


EP "Everything"

Set List

Depends on the show; usually an 11-song set, with one cover (Zeppelin or The Cure)