Michael Shoup

Michael Shoup

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"Michael is a musical Yoda!" - Josh Hoke

Jackson Browne and Coldplay were smashed into a large hadron collider and out came Michael. His approach is as unique as it is personal, much like his tour resume.


Michael Shoup has been working full time in the music industry since 2004. His tour experience ranges from house concerts, radio shows, and bars to festivals and state fairs. He has been featured as a spotlight performer at highly coveted showcase slots at SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX and played with numerous artists at the CMJ Film Festival in New York City. Michael has toured with The Stone Temple Pilots and has also worked with artists such as Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, and Kelly Clarkson. Michael's music is genuine and melodically timeless. He has even made an impression on Steven Schwartz (composer and lyricist of the musical, Wicked) who flew Shoup to Los Angeles to perform a cover of "Defying Gravity."



Leave the Ground

Written By: Michael Shoup


She tells herself this is the last time
Like a hundred times before
She builds a house and hides it inside
But it keeps knocking down the door

It turns her somedays into maybes
It turns her maybes into doubt
She runs away into tomorrow
But today's her only one way out

So, Take one step to the edge now
Eyes closed, holding your breath
You fall, you fall
Heart pounds out of your chest but
Can't stop, can't take a rest
You fall, you fall down
Can't fly until you leave the ground

Paralyzed she keeps her feet down
Afraid to let go of her pride
She knows she's running out of time now
Just gotta spread her wings and learn to fly


Can't fly until you leave the ground
Gotta start out lost so you'll be found
Can't fly until you leave the ground


History Train

Written By: Michael Shoup


Our story ends where I begin again
I'm going it alone
I'm fine

Still navigating back to new and then
Old memories come
Crashing from behind

Now I'm back on track but it's not the same
I'm haunted by my history train
It's got speed and it won't leave me behind

So somebody call an engineer
Cause my ear's to the rail and all I hear's
That wailing whistle blowing through my mind
And it says

I check the manifest for all my friends
But I don't belong
On this line

And though the radio says clear ahead
I'm firing up my engine
For this climb

Chorus x2

Dying To Live

Written By: Michael Shoup

Dying To Live

Beep Beep, 6 AM
It’s the same old song and dance
By the time you get to 9
All your dreams don’t stand a chance

One more day and you’re feeling locked in
Your heart clocked out before you even clocked in

Ooh ooh
You tell me that you’re trying just to live
But you’re dying to live a little more
Whoa, Ooh
But Ooh Ooh
You can be anything, you can be everything
So what you waiting for?
Whoa, Ooh
You’re dying to live

Lonely girl in the world
With her mouth around a silver spoon
Mom and Dad and all they had
A little love could not come too soon

18 candles, she can make her
Great escape, if they don’t break her


Doesn’t it tear you up inside?
Doesn’t it leave you wanting more?
You never know until you try
What’s behind that open door



Song For You
[February 2012]

[February 2011]

Learning How To Live
[November 2010]

Dying To Live - Single
[June 2010]

This Christmas
[October 2009]

Working Man - EP
[August 2007]

The Blue - EP
[August 2005]

Set List

Typical 45 minute set:

Dying To Live
Leave the Ground
Let Go
In Your Eyes
Last Goodbye