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MusicDownload.com - CNET Editors have this to say

Maines' Silvestri lends his mellifluous nylon string to a wide range of guitar works, from the canonized classical pieces of Bach, to traditional Christmas songs, to New Age compositions. Such cross genre comfort comes from deft fingerpicking and a keen feel for the instruments resonant qualities.

-CNET Editors ( Musicdownload.com )

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Ability, artistry, variety. Silvestri is an artist I listen to frequently.

Michael Silvestri is among the upper echelon of indie artists. True artistry and beautiful variety make for one of my favorite online listens. Classical pieces rendered acurately and freshly, and original compositions that are joys to encounter. Guitar is a personally favored instrument, and Silvestri honors the fellowship of guitarists with his fine work.

Dec 12 2005
Reviewer - Rogelio WW

- CNET Editors

"Press Review"

Aimsel L Ponti - of the Portland Press Herald says - of my Original Compostion CD

" Its a mesmerizing 18 song album of solo acoustic instrumental guitar music" - The Night is Young - Portland Maine - Press Herald - Thursday, Sept 27th, 2007
In an interview I had with Cliff White - of the local Gazettte - he describes my playing like this -

" The moment the 54 yr old Silvestri's hands make contact with his guitar, the tension visible eases out of his body.
He stoops his head, creating an exclusive intimacy between himself and his instrument. He pauses for a moment, then expertly plays some notes and turns their corresponding tuning knobs with an expert flourish."

" Then he plays. At first, there is a rush of movement to all parts of the guitar, both hands sprinting to the many places the complex piece requires them to be."

"Individual fingers on either hand can barely be discerned as they travel in a torrent of movement down, up and across the strings."

"The visual of the performance does not seem to cohere with the sound emanating from the instrument; the music smooth, ordered and richly textured"

" It is and adequate enthrallment just to watch him play the guitar, and another level of exhilaration to hear the music he creates"

Cliff White -Weekly Interview - The Gazette - Aug 31 2007
_____ - Press Herald/Gazette


Michael Silvestri Plays Music of Guilani, Tarrega , etc
( solo classical guitar )

JS Bach
( Bach on solo guitar)

Original Compositions
( original solo compositions)

Classical Celtic
(Celtic music arranged for one and 2 guitars)

Winter Romance
(original compositions for one and 2 guitars)

Music of Antiquity ( Renaissance music perofrmed on solo guitar)

Christmas in New England
( Christmas music arranged for one and two guitars)

The Bridge - from then to now!
( orginal compositions arranged for one and two guitars and classic solo classical guitar pieces)



Most recently picked by the editors of Billboard Magazine as one of the 6 top Indie artists in the Northeast to appear in NY !!! for the Disk Makers Independent World Music Showcase - (in 2007)World/Classical guitarist Michael Silvestri has had numerous number one spots on Indie charts all over the internet and continues to be in the top ten on many on line musical distribution sites through out the world.

Guitarist Michael Silvestri has performed throughout New England in both solo and ensemble situations on radio, public television, private recitals and lecture demonstrations for public and private schools. His varied repertoire has enabled him to perform from the Montauk Yacht Club in New York to Kennebunkport, Maine.

A participant in master classes with Jorge Morel, Rey de la Torre and Manuel Barrueco. Michael Silvestri began his studies at age ten and went on to study at The Guitar Workshop in New York and later attended Hofstra University.

A member of the Guitar Foundation of America, Michael Silvestri has composed, performed and produced music for commercial broadcast and nonbroadcast situations and has been teaching privately for over thirty five years and had recently, in the past , been included on the panel of judges for the classical guitar competitions held at the University of Southern Maine.

What They Say About The Educational Concert/School Program
December 7, 2006
Letter of Recommendation for Michael Silvestri

This November Michael Silvestri presented, A Chronology of Classical Guitar : Renaissance to Current Latin American Music, to students at Yarmouth High School in Maine. Michael tailored the hour-long concert in particular to students studying Spanish and guitar; however, all high school students who attended thoroughly enjoyed the rare opportunity to listen to an accomplished classical guitarist perform a variety of musical themes.

As Department Chair of Modern Language at Yarmouth High School I unequivocally recommend Michael Silvestri as a performer and teacher. Micheal was able to talk to the audience briefly as he introduced the various periods of classical guitar: Renaissance,Baroque, Spanish Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, and Contemporary, and then played pieces representative of that period. Students and faculty were impressed with his musical versatility as he deftly executed some of our great composer’s music from Gaspar Sanz to Sor and Tarrega and the flamenco music of Paco de Lucia and Juan Seranno..

Linda Hanson, Spanish Teacher (Dept. Chair), Yarmouth High School

The importance of making connections with academic studies and community members cannot be underestimated. I hope other schools will take advantage of this special opportunity. Some students and faculty have commented:
Michael Silvestri s playing is versatile, yet skillfully honed in every style that he performs. His presentation, which tracks the evolution of Spanish music through the ages, is not only informative; it is thought-provoking and entertaining. The relaxing effect of his playing is so potent that it can be compared to a sedative, though it does not put the listener to sleep out of boredom. Instead, the nostalgic and beautiful sounds guide the listener away from his worries, and puts him in a place of peace.

Ami Robbins, jazz trumpet player, music major

From the first pluck of the strings, Michael Silvestri s guitar entrances the audience with its sweet Spanish melodies. Michael’s repertoire of traditional Spanish and South american guitar represents music of all eras, from 15th Century Renaissance to the more contemporary Milonga music of Argentina. As the listener is enraptured by sweeping arpeggios and graceful harmonies, he or she also grows to appreciate the subtle evolution of music through the ages. Michael’s performance not only relaxes the audience;it inspires them with the song of a beautiful culture.

Nicholas Richmond, guitar player and A.P. Spanish student

The concert with Michael Silvestri was a masterful display of deftness and control, passion and precision. Students were attentive for a very long time during the concert and had very positive things to say afterward, especially about the style of playing that sounds like two guitars playing at once.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Mary Highland Spanish Teacher Levels II & III

Michael provided a wonderful introduction to the world of classical guitar for our students. His original compositions were my favorite part of the program. what a terrific command of the instrument he has!

Rick Dustin Music Instructor